12 Luxury Items to Upgrade Your Home and Make Your Life Easier

Since we are stuck inside for the unforeseeable future during the pandemic, we are probably getting quite intimate with every nook and cranny of our homes.

I collected my recommendations for luxury items that will elevate your home and make your life easier. Half of the items I own, mainly the gadgets, and the other half simply look pretty. My biggest investments were the Vitamix and Dyson Cordless Vacuum. Last year, I splurged on the most expensive Vitamix, the A3500, and I don’t regret it one bit because I use it at least once every day. The one-touch settings make blending and self-cleaning easy. It comes with a 10-year warranty. I have an older Dyson Cordless Vacuum, the V6 Animal, from a few years ago that they don’t make anymore. The other models work similarly. I love my Dyson. It actually makes vacuuming fun.

My Tushy Bidet Attachment is coming in the mail! (Update: I’m using the Tushy now and here’s my review.) Toilet paper hoarders are the worst, so I’m switching over to the bidet, which is more eco-friendly anyway. I got the Tushy Classic, and it seems easy to install. Wish me luck.

If you have a meditation corner like I do, the Tibetan singing bowl, salt lamp, and incense set can help set the mood.

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