21 Clean, Highly-Rated Makeup Products Under $21

Continuing on with my budget buys series to help more consumers shop consciously, here are 21 nontoxic makeup products under $21 (USD). I made sure to curate only high-quality, highly-rated items that rival luxury brands.

Since I mostly stick to my makeup capsule, I’ve only tried three of these product from this list. The Hynt Eyeliner and Alima Pure Lip Tints are products I use almost daily, and a new item I bought last week is the Kosas Lip Balm in Clear, the best lip balm I’ve tried yet.

The rest are products I would be happy to try. The Clove + Hallow Blush Serum, the Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip, and the Tower28 Highlighter Balm look particularly interesting.

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