32 Ethical + Preloved Fall Blazers

Fall is really a three-month—if I’m lucky here in Toronto—excuse for me to wear blazers. Velvet, tartan and tweed, I love them all. For the conscious consumer, your best and most affordable option is to go secondhand for a quality designer or retro blazer. A good one should last you pretty much forever. Check your local consignment shop or your favourite vintage shop, where the men’s section usually have great options. You can always tailor something a little big to your liking.

If you’re out of luck with shops where you live, I’ve curated 16 ethically made and 16 preloved blazers you can buy online.

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Ethically-made Blazers

Preloved Designer Blazers

My Outfit #1: old J.Crew Campbell houndstooth blazer from 3 or 4 years ago (check Ebay), Everlane Pima Stretch Turtleneck in white, Wiley Brothers Men’s Horseshoe Belt (see it with other outfits), vintage Levi’s jeans (see them with other outfits).
Outfit #2: secondhand designer velvet blazer and wrap dress, vintage purse (see them with other outfits), Bluboho Little Crescent necklace.
Photography by Catherine Li-Abrams
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