4 Summer Skincare Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’ve been using a lot of the same skincare products this year, but I found four gems that works particularly well for the summer. As usual, these picks are formulated without harmful ingredients.

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1. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

I’m glad that Sephora Canada just started stocking Supergoop! products. Since the brand doesn’t ship to Canada, I usually buy them when I’m in the States (not possible now that the borders are closed due to COVID.) Sephora still doesn’t sell Supergoop! sunscreen I usually use, the Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40, so I tried Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40.

I like the texture of this even more than the spray sunscreen. Unseen Sunscreen’s clear gel formula settles into a silky, weightless finish. It feels really nice on the skin and can probably work well as a primer for those who wear foundation. This is the best suncreen I’ve ever used for the face. It leaves no greasy sheen. I’ll also want to restock the spray once I can get my hands on them because it’s good for touchups, although that formula leaves my skin with a little bit of sheen.

Note that both of these products are not mineral sunscreens. They do make one called Mattescreen, but I haven’t tried that one yet.


2. Schaf Revitalizing Serum

I mentioned this Vitamin C serum in my post about Detox Market product faves. This serum contains Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Peptides. It’s a water formula that feels light and silky on the skin. I like doing face massages with this product.


3. Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask 2x with Super Volcanic Clusters

This bestselling Korean beauty mask seems to be a cult favourite. Everyone seems to be using it, probably because it’s also very affordable. I bought a jar from one of the Innisfree stores in Toronto, and it quickly became my go-to.

This creamy clay mask has volcanic clusters from Jeju Island, as well as walnut shells and AHA, to draw out impurities from pores. Apply the mask onto clean skin and leave it for 10 minutes. I usually feel a pleasant cooling sensation. Then I rinse it off, and clean anything remaining with a toner. I like to immediately followup a serum. They say pores look visibly smaller after using this mask. I don’t know about that, but my skin feels clean every time I use it, which is once or twice a week.

This formula is for combination to oily skin. The “2x” means twice the Super Volcanic Clusters. If you have normal to combination skin, you might want to try their original formula.

Update: Innisfree is not a clean brand, so check their ingredients (see EWG). I realized this clay mask is also not clean, although I personally don’t think the ingredients are problematic, I will probably switch to a cleaner product after I finish this.


4. GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer

This is a light-weight moisturizer that gives your skin a subtle golden glow. I use it on the collarbones and calves. The formula has is a light scent that I don’t mind, but I can see how others might not like it.

The tube is small, 80ml, so I wouldn’t use this as an all-over moisturizer. Just use where you want some extra glow. If you’re looking for something really shimmery or pigmented, look elsewhere. I really like using this for going out or special occasions.

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