5 Health & Wellness Brands from Women of Colour

Guest writer Dominique Drakeford shares five of her favourite health & wellness businesses founded by brilliant women of colour. 

It’s no secret that there is a sustainability movement happening. Women of color in particular are spearheading the movement all over the US to support and promote holistic lifestyles, especially within communities of color. From health practitioners and educators to dietitians and beauty experts here are 5 stylish black women in the health and wellness industry we can all benefit and learn from.

1. Hey Fran Hey 

hey-fran-hey 5 Health & Wellness Brands from Women of ColourFounded by naturalista Francheska Medina in 2011, Hey Fran Hey is the ultimate conscious living platform for nutrition, health, beauty and culture. Francheska is one of the biggest social influencers in the realm of all things natural and healthy. Hey Fran Hey engages in monthly health and fitness challenges, mental and emotional hygiene discussions, and Q&As on a multitude of issues. Working across multiple channels to get healthy messaging to the masses, she has quite a following on Instagram, as well as a fluid YouTube channel covering topics such as natural hair, DIY health remedies and beauty tips. Additionally she is an avid participant of the Loud Speakers Network wellness podcast “The Friend Zone”. Based in Harlem, she is a sought-after panelist and travels around the world spreading her message of healthy living.

2. HolistiCitiLyfe  

holisticitilyfeHolistiCitiLyfe (HCL) is an NYC-based health and wellness brand that evokes the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit. As a full service consulting and event platform, HCL curates rejuvenating holistic retreats aboard (such as Costa Rica, Jamaica and Sri Lanka) while also hosting monthly events throughout the East Coast. Founder Leslie Carrington has a diverse team of coaches and wellness practitioners that specialize in many modalities including yoga, nutrition, spirituality, sacred sexuality and beauty. Carrington loves to intimately connect with people and is enthusiastically committed to helping people grow holistic lifestyles.

3. Rawcells

rawcellsRawcells is an “organic vegan snack tricycle” based in Los Angeles. Style maven Natasha James, owner of Rawcells, bikes throughout communities to deliver tasty 100% vegan treats. James commits to using wholesome and healing ingredients that’s made with love. Her Instagram feed alone makes vegan goodies look chic and appetizing.

4. Food Heaven Made Easy

food-heaven-made-easyWendy and Jess are best friends and registered dieticians with master’s degrees in nutrition. What started out as small healthy eating workshops quickly grew into Food Heaven Made Easy, a creative filming platform to spearhead nutrition education, cooking tips and how to be healthy on a budget. Their Youtube channel and podcasts focus on helping people to make delicious plant-based dishes.

5. Chelsea Loves Yoga

chelsealovesyogaDr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an Atlanta based Yoga Instructor certified in E-YRT and RCYT. Commonly known as “Chelsea Loves Yoga”, this model and active yogi is committed to working in marginalized communities to teach the importance of healthy and balanced living. In addition to an extensively commendable list of yoga-focused accolades, Dr. Roberts is the Founder of Yoga, Literature & Art Camp at Spellman University. Her goal is to continue to cultivate community through yoga while continuing to use her research and teachings to elevate youth and train practitioners.

Dominique Drakeford is an NYC based ambassador for sustainable style. Follow her on Instagram



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