6 Ethical Fall Coat Picks


By the end of summer, I’m ready for outerwear. Once you invest in a good one (and it better be, because that’s all people will see) in a classic style, you’ll wear it for years to come. Here are 6 ethical fall jacket and coat picks.

1. Belted

cuyana-camel-wool-coatA well-tailored, Italian-made belted coat is rarely found under $1k these days. That’s probably why this Max Mara-ish wool coat by Cuyana keeps selling out.

2. Trench Coat

burberry-heritage-trench-coat-long-kensington-in-stoneI bit the bullet and invested in this Burberry Heritage Trench Coat last month. The other trench coats I checked out just didn’t compare. This is the long Kensington in the colour stone. It’s great for rainy days, as the cotton gabardine is water repellent, and you can really button yourself in at the collar. For colder days, Burberry gives you the option of adding a cashmere warmer (Kensington style only). Made in Britain.

3. Cropped Faux Fur Jacket

the-reformation-piano-coatMy little sister and I decided that we both need fur coats, pronto. I’m not a vegan, and I wear leather, but wearing real fur creeps me out. I’d have to go with a faux fur version. We’re thinking cropped, Jeanne Damas style, in a solid colour. This faux fur coat by Reformation made with surplus material might do.

4. Bomber Jacketmade-in-us-flight-bomber-jacket

Originally created for military pilots, oversized bombers are popular with street style stars. I’m considering getting one because I don’t have a sporty jacket (for the walk to my gym). This MA-1 Flight Jacket is made in the USA.

5. Cropped Wool Coat

cuyana-cropped-wool-coatOn warmer autumn days, when you want to look classy without fussing with belts and buttons, throw on this cropped Cuyana wool coat. Made in Italy.

6. Gray Blazer

When I see a man in a fabulous long wool blazer, I get…incredibly jealous. I don’t see as many options for women. This Reformation Fletcher Jacket is something close to what I’m talking about. Another option would be to buy a vintage men’s blazer (the fabrics are better), and get it tailored.

Do you have any ethical jacket/coat picks? Let me know in the comments below.


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