6 Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel

I bought a kit of 10 DoTERRA essential oils earlier this year, and now I won’t travel without at least 6 of them. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, and stems of plants. They are nature’s gift to help us with everything from healing to balancing moods, and they’ve been around for centuries. The sheer number of oils available can be overwhelming.

I’m starting to learn more about aromatherapy and how to use essential oils effectively, and the kit of 10 popular oils was a good place to start. What sold me on the DoTERRA oils are that they’re ethically sourced and so pure that you can take many of them orally.

I’ve been using these 6 particular oils on my last few vacations, and they’ve been great natural alternatives to things like aspirin, hand sanitizer, and Pepto-Bismol.

1. Lemon

I use a drop of lemon essential oil instead of hand sanitizer. I’m not a big user of hand sanitizer to begin with, preferring to wash my hands, but if I’m stuck on a plane, I’ll use the lemon oil because it’s a natural and powerful cleansing agent, and it smells good too.

Another use is to add a drop to your drinking water. People usually drink lemon water to detox and naturally cleanse the body. The lemon essential oil is extremely concentrated, so one or two drops in water can equal to a large amount of lemon juice. (Note: only do this with the DoTERRA oil or a brand that allows you oral use of the oil. Read the label. Other brands might not be so pure and taking them orally might make you sick.)

2. Lavender

When I’m at home, I diffuse lavender oil in the bedroom to set the mood for a good night’s sleep. Lavender has a calming effect and will help ease tension. I don’t have my diffuser when I’m traveling, so I put a drop of the lavender oil on the bottom of each big toe. Alternatively, you can put a drop to your pillowcase or bedding.

Lavender oil is also great for healing skin, so if your skin gets reactive for whatever reason on vacation, you can apply the oil topically. Just be careful not to use too much at first until you know how much your skin can handle. Start with one drop. The oils are really potent.

You can also add it to bath water, and, if you like the scent of it, as a perfume by dabbing it on your wrists.

3. DigestZen

On my travels, I will sample local cuisine. If I’m ever concerned about digestion or having an upset stomach, I apply one drop of DigestZen (named “ZenGest” in Canada) to my belly button. You can also rub it on your stomach or add a drop to drinking water.

4. Peppermint

I use peppermint oil on my temples to alleviate headaches and/or to give me a boost of energy. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes. The roll-on bottle is good for applying directly to temples.

To freshen breath, clear sinuses, and release stress all with one drop of peppermint oil, put a drop onto one palm. Use the other hand and dip the thumb into the drop. Gently press the thumb on the roof on your mouth.  Now rub your palms together with the remaining oil and cup your hands over your nose and mouth. Breathe in and out. Take your palms and rub the back of your neck.

5. OnGuard

OnGuard Protective Blend keeps the immune system boosted and protect against seasonal threats. Add a drop to drinking water.

At home, I like to use a few drops in my bigger diffuser. This particular blend of oils is great for cleansing the air, especially for a space with lots of people coming and going. It smells really nice.

6. Oregano

Yuck! This stuff smells and tastes horrible. But it works. I’d felt a cold coming on during my last road trip, and this really helped. If you’re used to chugging down oregano oil, DON’T do that with this doTERRA Oregano oil. One drop is really potent and it will burn. I used three drops by accident once and I would not do it again.

I’ve also applied it topically on my throat when I’d felt a sore throat coming on. It made my skin a bit red, which is why it would help to dilute it with fractionated coconut oil. I’m told it also works well to remove skin tags.

This stuff is very effective, but be careful. It’s really strong.

I bought these 15ml oils as part of the 10-bottle Family Essentials Kit. They fit perfectly in my Muji case. There are some other great oils in the kit, like Frankincense, which I use as part of my natural skincare routine.

DoTerra is an MLM program, so you either buy their products online or through Wellness Advocates. I bought it through a friend, who is a Wellness Advocate. While I’m not the biggest fan of MLM programs and wish they would sell the products with one price for everyone (you get discounts for being a member which requires an annual fee), but an advantage of the program is that you have someone teaching you how to use the oils safely and in greater detail. Whenever I have a question, I text my friend, or I use the resources I can access through DoTerra.

If you want to be a member or a Wellness Advocate (both gives you 25% off retail), you can sign up here. It does require a $25 annual membership fee (a bit more for Canadians), but they send you a bottle of peppermint oil in return, which is around the same value. When I bought my kit, my membership fee was included.

It’s horrible to get sick on vacation, which is why I always bring these oils with me now. They’re a source of comfort. I’m slowly learning more about essential oils, so I’ll be sharing more as I learn in future blog posts.

What kind of essential oils do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

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