7 Energy Healing Techniques I Use and Recommend

I first started my energy healing journey two years ago. Boy, did I need it. Thanks to the teachers and messengers who came into my life at the right times, I have improved in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. The methods healed some minor but annoying chronic pains and released toxic beliefs I didn’t even know I had that was subconsciously sabotaging my happiness. Best of all, I now have clarity.

I’m going to break down each energy healing method I used in the order I discovered them, as well as list the advantages and challenges of each. Ultimately, I do think these techniques work in very similar ways: by uncovering the root of what’s wrong and harnessing divine energy to heal. Each has its benefits.

People of every faith can use the following energy healing methods, should they choose to. ThetaHealing, Top People, and Akashic Records do deal with past lives, so reincarnation must be something you are comfortable exploring. Otherwise, read these over and see which ones speak to you.

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1. The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, identifies and removes hidden trapped emotions—i.e. emotional baggage. We develop harmful emotional energies from negative events throughout our lives and they become trapped in our bodies. We can also inherit trapped emotions from our ancestors.

The Emotion Code introduced me to muscle testing, a way of testing the subconscious mind that’s widely used in other healing methods. In a nutshell, muscles stay strong for “Yes” and become weaker for “No”. There are quite a number of ways to muscle test. The Emotion Code book also goes through these methods in detail. Personally, I use the body sway test the most.

A doctor friend got certified in The Emotion Code and she offered to practice it on me. (She’s now well on her way to becoming a spiritual doctor.) This method is quite simple once you learn how to muscle test effectively. We had three sessions together where we tested for which trapped emotions I had from the Emotion Code chart. Trapped emotions can also form around your heart, developing what Dr. Nelson calls a Heart Wall. You can test how thick yours is and start removing the trapped emotions. My heart wall was three times thicker than what the author stated was average.

Advantages of The Emotion Code: A simple method to learn and use. No need to hire an Emotion Code practitioner, unless you really want to. You can do it with the help of a friend or on your own once you know how to muscle test.

Challenges: Muscle testing can be a learning curve for some. The Emotion Code can be limiting for more complex issues.

2. ThetaHealing

I’ve written extensively about ThetaHealing. Read about my experience as a client and as a student practitioner. In a nutshell, ThetaHealing connects to divine energy via the Theta brainwave in order to do healings. I use ThetaHealing every day, and I also hire an experienced ThetaHealer once or twice a month to heal beliefs I find difficult to untangle on my own. An experienced ThetaHealer is able to see past lives and reveal hidden beliefs—blindspots—that we can’t on our own.

New courses are still being developed. I’m looking forward to taking Intuitive Anatomy, a three-week course that teaches us how emotions and beliefs connect to each organ or system of the body.

Advantages of ThetaHealing: Instant healings are possible since the core issues are uncovered and addressed. There is so much to learn in ThetaHealing. It works for every type of issue. You can even use ThetaHealing on animals and plants.

Challenges: Muscle testing can be a learning curve for some. Hiring a professional ThetaHealer can be pricey. To learn to do this on your own requires being certified as a ThetaHealer. You can read Vianna’s book, but most will find it easier to learn in workshops.

3. Top People 

Top People was created by an energy master from Mexico, Abril Abundes. Abril held the first workshop for English speaker when she visited Canada last year and I took it. I’ve been continuing with her courses online, and I’m about to start the advanced courses.

Top People allows us to be the light to do healings faster. She also has a technique that changes beliefs instantly While Top People also works with changing negative beliefs, we go deeper by learning about rights, permissions, and working with the Laws of the Universe. I don’t know if any of this makes sense to you, but it’s very interesting!

New courses are being developed by Abril, so I’m looking forward to taking them and becoming a better healer. This is my technique of choice when I give intuitive healing sessions to clients.

Advantages of The Top People Technique: A healing technique that goes beyond beliefs. Instant healing is possible. Extremely fascinating and so much to learn. The deepest method of healing I know of so far.

Challenges: Muscle testing can be a learning curve for some. You have to take the classes to learn the techniques, although she does have a book in Spanish. If you’re not a Spanish speaker, you can hire Abril for private Top People sessions in English. (The majority of Top People students and new instructors so far seem to be Spanish speaking.)

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

A psychotherapist I knew was in the process of getting certified in EFT and offered me a few sessions as part of her required hours of client training. The Emotional Freedom Techniques works by tapping on the meridian points to restore balance to your body’s energy. Based on Chinese medicine, it’s often referred to as psychological acupuncture. This 2013 study shows that EFT was successful in significantly reducing the PTSD of war veterans.

While I find tapping relaxing, I don’t use this regularly because I can simply use other methods that are faster. However, I do think it’s great to use for immediately reducing stress and anxiety. It’s also easy enough to learn and do on your own, and you can find many YouTubers such as Brad Yates to tap along with on various issues.

Advantages of EFT: Easy to learn. No muscle testing involved. Relaxing. Can learn and do on your own without practitioner.

Challenges: For deeper issues, better to hire a professional for blindspots. Can take longer than other methods.

5. The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are believed to hold every soul’s journey in words, thoughts, feelings in the past, present and future. There are and have been some very talented Akashic Records readers out there, including the late Edgar Cayce.

Recently, I read The Akashic Records: Access the Greatest Source of Information to Empower Your Life by Sandra Anne Taylor to learn more about the records and how to access them. At the end of most chapters are meditations you can record and listen to on your own. Why would you want to access your Akashic Records? Perhaps you’d like to learn about why a pattern is occurring in your life by learning what happened in a past life, or you want to rewrite the script for a positive future outcome.

Advantages of the Akashic Records: Interesting to access your soul’s journey, past and future. Can learn to access records on your own through meditation.

Challenges: Getting a deep reading in the Akashic Records might take a lot of practice. A reading with a professional might be costly.

6. The Quantum Breakthrough Code

The book Your Quantum Breakthrough Code is by the same author as the Akashic Records book I just mentioned, which is how I discovered this underrated technique. The Quantum Breakthrough Code reverses mental, emotional, and energetic patterns. You can use it for things like weight loss, headaches, and quitting smoking, but the author has not tested it on major physical conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. It doesn’t hurt to try however.

This technique is the most simple out of everything I’ve mentioned. It requires using two hands next to the third eye for the decoding process and one hand on the third eye to code positive statements. You can use general statements, such as “I decode grief,” and “I code joy.” However, you do have to repeat this process until you feel change take hold.

Advantages to the Quantum Breakthrough Code: Easy to learn and use. No muscle testing required. No digging deep into traumatic issues and revealing intimate details to a practitioner. Can use general statements. Relaxing.

Challenges: Doesn’t always get to the root of issue, so it might take some repetition for deeper problems to heal. Not tested to work on physical conditions.

7. The Healing Code

A friend recommended The Healing Code. Developed by a doctor, this technique works by healing destructive cellular memories and unhealthy beliefs. While it doesn’t directly heal physical conditions, people have reported being healed in physical areas as a result of this work. The focus is to remove stress and heal the heart.

The actual technique is quite simple. Once you know what you want to work on, use your hands over the four healing centers of the body for at least six minutes while thinking of something positive.

Again, since ThetaHealing and Top People provide me with instant healings, I haven’t used this technique much. I do think this is great for those who don’t want to hire a practitioner and talk about embarrassing childhood issues. This is a technique you can use to heal yourself on your own. Repetition may be required depending on the issue.

Advantages of The Healing Code: Easy to learn and use. No muscle testing required. No digging deep into traumatic issues. No need to reveal intimate details to a practitioner.

Challenges: Not developed for physical healing (although it can work). Doesn’t always get to the root of issue, so it might take some repetition for deeper problems to heal. Limited to healing trauma in this life, not past lives.

I know Reiki is something that comes to people’s minds when they think about energy healing. I don’t know that much about Reiki (it’s not something I’m drawn to right now), so I didn’t put it on this list. I’m only vouching for the methods I have personally tried and recommend.

I’m sure there are other amazing energy healing methods out there that work in similar fashion, and I’m always interested in learning about new techniques. Please let me know in the comments below if you have one to recommend.

Learn more about intuitive healing session with me in Toronto or by Skype on this page.


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