7 Natural, Vegan & Palm-Oil Free Skincare Brands

Green beauty lover Jacalyn Beales share her favourite skincare brands. 

If you’re an animal advocate like me, chances are you watch out for the ingredients in your beauty products and are likely trying to avoid palm-oil as many people now do. In the spirit of spreading awareness about certain wildlife and animal issues, here’s a list of beauty alternatives that are 100% vegan and palm-oil free. Rejoice!

Camp Skincare

Natural, Vegan Palm-Oil Free Skincare Brands beauty products

Photo: CAMP Skincare

CAMP is a Toronto-based skincare brand that I love, and not just because it’s Canadian. Every product from this brand’s range of skincare is 100% vegan and palm-free. Though the packaging is adorable, what’s even better about this brand is that the ingredients list of each product includes natural, organic and cruelty-free extracts and botanicals. For quality, natural skincare, it’s also quite cost-effective.

Fat and the Moon


Photo: Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon crafts organic, palm-free and vegan beauty products brimming with natural ingredients. Every product is a safe, chemical-free alternative to the typical beauty products you might be tempted to buy at the local drugstore. The brand’s Founder, Rachel Budde, creates handcrafted, herbal products that not only look great, but are great. 100% vegan, natural and totally rad beauty, sans guilt.



Photo: Harlow

Another stellar Canadian company crafting uniquely palm-free and vegan products, HARLOW SKIN CO. produces beauty products free from additives, preservatives and all the nasty stuff in between. Using whole ingredients sourced from around the globe, this Vancouver-based brand represents a shift in sustainable beauty and is focused on the health and well-being of using natural products.

Aquarian Soul


Photo: Aquarian Soul

Herbalist Ally Sands began creating crystal-infused beauty products in 2013, combining it with traditional herbal medicine to create Aquarian Soul. Every product is made using a small-batch process, infused with 100% organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Completely plant-based, Aquarian Soul is also 100% vegan and palm-free.

Earth Tu Face


Photo: Earth Tu Face

This innovative brand began in 2010 and has been providing customers with 100% plant-based, palm-free beauty/skincare products ever since. Free of synthetic compounds and harmful toxins, each Earth Tu Face product is designed using natural ingredients that heal, restore and rejuvenate the skin. As the brand says, “We believe that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth.”



Photo: Woodlot

A quintessentially Canadian brand, Woodlot is mostly known for its candles but also has a nice range of beauty products that are 100% vegan and palm-free. From soap bars to bath soaks, this Vancouver-based brand has stellar candles and beauty products perfect for those at-home spa days when you need a break from advocating against trophy hunting and need a little “you” time.

Urban Oreganics


Photo: Urban Oreganics

Created by a vegan, but crafted for everyone, Urban Oreganics offers palm-free and 100% vegan beauty products that definitely put an eco-friendly spin on “urban” and “organic.” It’s not just the fact that the packaging is super pretty; each product is 100% natural and designed by a woman dedicated to offering her customers the best in organic skincare. Plus, who doesn’t love a vegan lip butter? NO ONE.

A Litte Bit About Palm Oil

Palm oil and its subsequent derivatives are common additives in beauty and skincare products. But palm oil is extremely destructive to natural habitats and contributes greatly to species decline. According to Selva Beat, the world’s first palm-free + vegan quarterly, over fifty-million tonnes of palm oil is produced each year to fill roughly half of the products you typically buy in stores. This includes beauty and skincare.

“Palm-oil will not always be labeled as such. In most countries, it can pass under the term ‘vegetable oil.’ If you’re looking at toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, lotion, mascara, or any other item then the palm-oil will likely take the form of a derivative like glycerin, emulsifiers, stearates, etc.” — Selva Beat

A dedicated wildlife advocate, Jacalyn Beales writes on the issues and conflicts threatening the world’s wildlife and advocates for the conservation of Africa’s lions. Read more of her work at jacalynbeales.com.

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