Hi, I’m Annie, film buff, lit nerd, and the founder of Terumah.ca.

This site was created for smart young women looking for fun insights on style, beauty, travel, art, and creative living.

Terumah means “contribution” or “gift” in Hebrew, and it’s also the name of my Torah portion (I’m a keen Kabbalah student). I have a million different interests, and this is the place where I get to share them all with you.

Style: I’m a supporter of slow fashion—quality over quantity. I’d rather invest in chic, timeless pieces that withstand seasonal trends. Fashion labels that are ethically made (no sweat shops) and sustainable (environmentally friendly) are the ones I’d recommend above all others. I don’t buy fast fashion anymore and here’s why. Lately, I’ve been really into vintage and secondhand fashion.

Beauty: I’ve been trading in my makeup and beauty products for non-toxic versions. Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing in performance and luxury.

Travel: I’ve lived in Asia, North America, and Europe. I’m a curious traveler, so you’ll find plenty of useful travel tips and guides in this section.

Art & Entertainment: Film, literature, music, architecture, illustrations, design, etc. etc. etc.—if it catches my eye, you’ll hear about it.

Lifestyle: Sustainable living, home decor, gift ideas, DIY, spirituality, health… anything that I think will improve your life will be found here.

The new Shop features curated luxury items that are reasonably priced, responsibly made, and just plain beautiful.

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I’m based in Toronto. I love collaborating and featuring guest writers, so drop me a line here if you want to contribute.

Photos of me are taken by various photographers or friends. Photos I’m not in, such as travel photos or product shots, are usually taken by me. Please ask me for permission before using my photos.

I also write fiction. See what I’ve been up to on my personal site.