Art Therapy: Anti-Stress Coloring Books for Adults

French and British coloring books for adults

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. While in France recently, I noticed coloring books for adults on prominent display in bookstores and supermarkets. A huge hit in France and the UK, they often top the bestseller lists.

In a world where we are constantly wired, it’s no surprise adults are reverting to this simple childhood activity to relax. Coloring stimulates creativity, reduces stress, increases concentration, cuts out the noise of the outside world, and connects us to a simpler time.

While sophisticated adult coloring books are now widely available from publishers around the world, we’ve curated ones from France and the UK, where the trend first took off.

From mandalas to cupcakes, here are some of the most beautiful anti-stress coloring books:


All the pencil crayons you need + a Lucky Cat pencil case for coloring on the go:


Are you colouring? Let me know in the comments below!



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