Green Beauty Review: CAMP Dream Skin Duo

CAMP Dream Skin Duo Review

After Jacalyn Beales recommended CAMP Skincare, I had to try and review their products. Not only is CAMP 100% natural, vegan and palm oil free, they’re made in small batches right here in Toronto. Their Dream Skin Duo seemed like the perfect introduction to this underrated luxury line, which is comprised of the Dreamcatcher Youth Serum and the Filthy Rich Face Cream.

Camp Dreamcatcher Youth Serum

The Dreamcatcher Youth Serum (0.5 oz glass bottle) contains the oils of 12 ancient medicinal plants, including Helichrysum, Egyptian Black Cumin Seed, and Carrot Seed. The oils work to brighten skin, enable cell turnover, reduce signs of aging, and protect the skin from future damage.

After washing my face and spraying on a moisturizing toner, I’d apply 3 to 4 drops to my face and neck. This serum has a strong herbal smell. I wasn’t crazy about it first, but I got used to it. I didn’t find it greasy and it instantly made my skin glow.

My only other complaint is that I used up the bottle way too fast. I like to use serums twice a day, and this bottle lasted a little less than a month.  However, it’s moisturizing enough that you can skip the face cream if it’s not winter and your skin is not too dry.

Usually I’d follow up the serum with the Filthy Rich Face Cream.

Camp filthy rich skin cream

The Filthy Rich Face Cream (1 oz glass jar) has a balm-like texture. I like to scoop out a small amount onto my palm, then gently rub the cream around with a finger until it’s more transparent to soften it up. Or you can warm it up between your fingers. This way, the cream is less heavy and applies more evenly on the skin.

CAMP products are anhydrous—since they don’t contain water, preservatives are not necessary. They’re great because they’re clean, and the ingredients used appear as close to their natural state as possible to retain their full healing benefits.

Since a little goes a long way with the Filthy Rich Face Cream, the jar will last you 3 or 4 months if you use it once or twice a day. This one smells fantastic! Like white chocolate. As the name suggests, it is a little rich, so it’s great for dry skin.

Camp Filthy Rich Skin Cream Ingredients

Overall, I really like this line. I’d use both products again. CAMP’s Matcha Latte Eye Cream and Ying Yang Balancing Facial Oil sound great too. I might try them next.

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