Ethical Outfit: Christy Dawn Bergen Dress

Christy Dawn’s cream floral Bergen dress is proof that you don’t need to show skin to feel pretty or sexy. Even though the sleeves come down to my wrists, I’m told this is the perfect summer dress. You can say this is my version of modest dressing. Just be careful on windy days.

Christy Dawn’s clothes are made in LA and uses rescued deadstock fabric left over from big fashion houses. Each dress is made in limited quantities and they usually sell out fast. The style will return, but they will most likely make it with a different fabric next time.

I’m usually a size Small but took a chance and went down to XS because the model, who is taller than me, wore that size. Christy Dawn says their sizing in not consistent from style to style, so that’s something to watch out for. The fabric is rayon crepe, and the tag says dry clean only. If you do want to risk washing it, only hand wash it, lay it flat, and gently stretch it back out as it dries so it does not shrink.

I paired the dress with neon yellow sandals from IX Style. They are a socially conscious company that donates 15% of their profits to provide Guatemalan children with clean water.

The straw bag is from Kayu, monogrammed with my initials. Their artisans use traditional techniques that has been passed down through generations. While many straw bags on the market are made of plastic, Kayu uses eco-friendly straw.

My friend Toni made the necklace for me as a birthday gift. It’s engraved with Hebrew letters that gives the energy of Global Transformation, that is, by transforming myself, I can  affect the world. Toni has a website and is often commissioned to do custom orders. The great thing about having a jewelry maker as a friend is that I can go to her if I ever need a special design made.


ST. TROPEZ STRAW BAG — KAYU (see it with other outfits)


NEON SANDALSIX STYLE (see it with other outfits)

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