DIY Success! Mountain Pillow

I had pinned an image of a mountain pillow on Pinterest years ago and forgot about it. Recently I was going through my page of home decor inspirations and thought the pillow would go nicely with my new Eames rocking chair. When I clicked on the photo, it took me to Design*Sponge’s DIY tutorial (also featuring an Eames chair, a coincidence). I’d always assumed the pillow was for sale.

It is, over at Etsy. I mulled over whether to buy it or make it myself. Ultimately, I decided it wouldn’t be hard to make, and I had to go to the fabric store anyway to buy fabric for another project.

So here it is!


I don’t think it turned out too badly; it could’ve been a lot worse. The fabric and stuffing for 2 pillows cost around $18, so $9 per pillow. (The second pillow is for my friend Anne, who, like me, is into super cute novelty items.) I do have a small sewing machine, which I finally know how to use now, so the hard part was really just cutting out the pattern, and taking the time to put everything together.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble, the mountain pillow on Etsy is similar. Of course, I like mine better.

How awesome is my Eames rocking chair? There are so many fake Eames out there, but I wanted to invest in the real one, which is built to last. I also love that I can choose my own colour and materials. The chrome base with the Walnut runner really makes the aqua sky blue pop.eames-rocking-chair-rar-molded-plastic-rocker

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