Ethical Outfit: My Mommy Made This Sweater

Remember when I said my mom loves to knit? She made me this super badass red and black cashmere cardigan using a pattern from a book she’d bought in the ’80s. It took her a year to make. After dinner, she likes to knit a little in front of the TV as a way of unwinding. My sister now wants one. So thanks, Mommy, for the birthday present!

I’m also wearing Amour Vert’s Iris Scoop-Neck Tank. It’s made from modal, a sustainable fiber from beech trees and made in the USA. I have this tank in black and white, and they’re good staples in my wardrobe. I also wear them to the gym.

My jeans are from Rich and Skinny, a brand that’s currently on hiatus right now. This style is called “Clean Victory.” I bought them three years ago, before I went ethical. After looking at the tag, I was happy to learn they were made in the USA. Some of my friends make fun of me because I usually like my jeans ripped and up-to-my-neck high. These are the only pair I have that’s low-rise and clean cut looking. I do wear these often, and three years later, they’re still holding up.

The Gucci Dionysus bag is made in Italy and I bought it from Matches Fashion. I ramble on about the bag and the brand on my other fashion post.

The black “LaLa” boots are from La Canadienne, made ethically in Italy. I bought them in the fall and the style doesn’t seem to be in stock anymore. I’m glad I found this Canadian brand though because ethically-made shoes are tough to find.

Sunglasses are from Saint Laurent, made in Italy. Gucci and Saint Laurent are both owned by Kering, which takes sustainable initiatives. High fashion brands owned by Kering are the only ones I trust right now. Hopefully the other fashion conglomerates (cough, LVMH, cough) will follow suit.

I bought my leather belt in Tennessee, in a small town called Gallatin. (I’m sad to learn the cute marketplace/restaurant I bought this from is closing.) It’s from Leather by Mike, who makes custom leather products with full grain leather. I’ve been looking for a buckle belt, and I’m glad I came across such a quality one made by hand.





SUNGLASSES – SAINT LAURENT (see it with other outfits)

BELT — LEATHER BY MIKE (see it with other outfits)

BOOTSLA CANADIENNE ‘LALA’ BOOTS (see it with other outfits)

Photos by Tiantian Zou

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