Ethical Outfit: L.A. Confidential

This is my new failsafe outfit for special occasions. Black and white is the easiest colour combo to look put together and I don’t wear it enough.

The ivory blouse is Reformation’s Betsy Top. With its subtle feminine detailing, I can dress this up or down. It’s made of viscose, a natural fiber that’s biodegradable. Their viscose is free from heavy metals, dyes and formaldehyde. The top is made in L.A., and I was excited to wear it on my first trip to L.A. The label says to dry clean it. I’m a rebel and don’t dry clean my Reformation viscose tops. I hand wash them. Yes, the viscose does shrink, but if you lay it out on a towel after and gently stretch it back out as it dries, it should go back to its regular size. Just don’t pull too hard.

The viscose and silk black skirt I’d been contemplating for a while. It’s from ethical luxury brand Edun‘s 2016 resort collection. I bought mine secondhand from The RealReal, but there are some a few sizes left of both the black and fuschia on YOOX. This piece I do dry clean. You can’t mess with pleats.

The green suede sandals from sustainable shoe brand BY FAR give the black and white outfit a kick. The heels are only 1.6 inches, so I can walk around in these all day.

The leather and suede purse is the Mini Peyton Tote from ethical luxury brand Maiyet. I’m not sure if they’re bringing this purse back anytime soon, but I bought the tan version secondhand from Ebay. The RealReal also has some Maiyet bags, so keep an eye out for the Mini Peyton on either of those sites if interested. The bag is wide enough that I can throw in all my essentials plus a paperback book. It also comes with a detachable strap (not pictured) so I can wear it multiple ways.



SANDALSBY FAR SCANDI SANDALS (see it with other outfits)


SUNGLASSES – SAINT LAURENT (see it with other outfits)

Photos by Amina Touray

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