Ethical Outfit: Everlane Square Wool Turtleneck

I feel like Steve Jobs whenever I wear this turtleneck. I admire people like him who wear the same things every day. A signature look says “I’m too busy making important decisions to care about the latest trends.”

A few years ago, I also relied a uniform when I was busy juggling school and work. (See my interview with Selflessly Styled on what that consisted of.) It certainly made life easier. I was living in Paris, so I’m sure no one noticed or cared—everyone there sticks to classics and wears some form of a uniform.

These days, I’m having more fun with fashion and playing with different style identities. Plus my closet is bigger in Canada. But throwing on a simple turtleneck and jeans does throw me back to those halcyon days.

The navy turtle is Everlane’s Luxe Wool Square Turtleneck. The loose, casual fit makes it less stuffy looking. Everlane also offers a cashmere version now. The high rise white jeans are from J Brand, made in the USA.

aquazzura-sexy-thing-cutout-nude-suede-sandalsThe heels are Aquazzura’s Sexy Thing Cutout Booties in nude. I’d read that they’re the most comfortable high heel on the market. For 4-inch heels, I can attest that they are. This style has been around for a few years now. They’re distinctive enough to be interesting but not so trendy that they’d go out of style anytime soon. I didn’t own any suede nude heels, so I invested in this pair because they’d go with everything. Made in Florence.

The problem with nude suede is that they are bound to get dirty. I bought this Ugg cleaning kit for the heels. It works well and gives me peace of mind to know that nude suede can be easily cleaned.

Finding ethically made shoes is a challenge. With so few options, I have to trust independently owned companies. Most brands owned by big corporations are not transparent enough. At least with an independent brand like Aquazzura, they’re small enough that the owner can be hands-on with his employees and factories, and maintain quality control.

TURTLENECK — EVERLANE (see it with other outfits)


SUNGLASSES – SAINT LAURENT (see it with other outfits)

CLUTCH — BAGGU (see it with other outfits)


Do you have a go-to uniform? Let me know in the comments below.



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