Everyday Makeup Look with Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette

Pacifica Solar Palette Makeup Review

Pacifica Solar Palette Makeup Review
A friend gave me Pacifica’s Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette for my birthday last month. I’ve been reaching for it almost daily for my natural daytime makeup look.

Pacific is not a 100% natural brand, but they are free of many ingredients that aren’t great for you such as mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, propylene glycol, SLS, gluten and peanut oil. If you’re vegan, Pacifica does not use animal testing, and they also don’t use any animal ingredients including carmine, beeswax and lanolin. Their products are infused with coconut oil. However, if you are trying to avoid palm oil, Pacifica does use it. A couple of ethical bloggers from the EWC informed me that Pacifica claimed to have stopped using palm due to customer concerns, but the ingredient lists on their current products are still listing palm and its derivatives. If a representative from Pacifica can contact me to clarify, I’d be happy to update this post.


The palette comes with 3 highlighters – Gold Dust, a yellow gold; Island Rose, a purple pink; and Pink Coral, a coral pink. They’re not creamy, but chalky and almost dry, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for. It might be great during summer weather, when you don’t want heavy cream products on your skin. I prefer a little more moisture, but I do like the subtly of the shimmer.


Both the blush and the bronzer look dark in the pan, but they can give a soft flush with a light hand, and you can easily build up the color for night time. They are both matte and pigmented. See the blush and eyeshadow swatches for reference:

pacifica solar color palette swatches


I reach for these the most. I use all of them, except for Mermaid Aqua, since blue eyeshadow doesn’t suit me. You can wet an eyeliner brush and use Sandalwood as a dark brown liner. I can probably do the same with Mermaid Aqua if I’m ever feeling adventurous with colour.

The eyeshadows I reach for the most are Glow, a pinky white, Neptune, a dark gold, and Coral.  All of them are shimmery and apply like a dream. They last just as long as the high-end eyeshadows I used to use, if not better.

This is my typical day look:

Everyday Makeup Look with Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette

Eyes: Glow as an all over eye shadow, and highlighter on the lower lash line and above the cupid’s bow. A mixture of Neptune and Coral on the lids, applied and blended with ring finger, and Sandalwood as eyeliner with a eyeliner brush. Gold Dust highlighter on the brow bone.

Cheeks: Bronzer below the apples of the cheeks, Flushed on the cheeks, and a mixture of the Island Rose and Pink Opal highlighters on top of the cheeks.

Lips: I use the Island Rose highlighter on the lips. It’s too dry to apply on its own, so I used it with a homemade lip balm. It gives the lips a subtle colour and sheen.

Other makeup used: RMS “Un” Cover-up concealer in #22, Jane Iredale PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation in Golden Glow.

Overall, I do really like this palette. It would be great to travel with because it contains almost all the colour makeup I need. The box is 100% recyclable, which is probably why they didn’t include a mirror.

I do like the ethos of the company—they donate to charity, care about the environment, and most of what they make are made in the USA. Hopefully they will avoid palm oil in the future and be more transparent with their sourcing (and this goes for all beauty companies).

Do you use Pacifica makeup? Let me know in the comments below.

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