Fashion Revolution 2017 Love Story: Paris Flea Market Cardigan

Fashion Revolution is a week-long global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry. This year, I’m taking part by writing a love story about my favourite cardigan.

When I used to buy fast fashion, I usually didn’t have a strong connection with my clothes, and because most of them were inexpensive, I wouldn’t think twice about donating or throwing them away. Only in the past few years have I begun collecting pieces of clothing or accessories that mean something to me. 
One of those pieces is this green cardigan I bought over five years ago in Paris. Back then, I was still a student and had very little spending money. One weekend, I went to a flea market—I believe it was Les Puces de Montreuil—with some friends. While it does offer some cool stuff, it’s not one of those quaint flea markets you see in movies set in Paris. After sorting through piles of junk, I gave up on trying to find decent clothes. There were a lot of fast fashion, often outdated, in those piles. One of my friends, who had scored a crushed velvet, long sleeved crop top, didn’t give up so easily.

She came across this Chanel-ish cardigan. It wasn’t her style, but she thought I might like it. We both agreed the colors of the knit were mesmerizing. I ended up buying it for 5 euros.

There are no labels on the cardigan, a good chance that it was home made. I’m really not sure because it’s very well made. It’s such a versatile piece. I can wear it as a sweater or a light jacket. I’ll wear it with rock tees or a little black dress. I often get compliments from women of all ages. They, too, are mesmerized by the colours.

These days, I have more money to spend on clothes, but I’ve always held the belief that you don’t need to be rich to have style. This cardigan is proof. Style is a point of view—not following the latest trends and veiling yourself in logos—and sometimes, when you’re lucky, the clothes find you.

Tell me your Fash Rev love story in the comments below or on Instagram with the hashtag #lovedclotheslast. 

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