Good Vibe Gift: Rocks over Flowers

The first thought that typically runs through my mind when I’m given a bouquet of flowers is, “These are going to die soon!” Morbid? Totally. But also a pretty fair observation.

It’s a well-known fact that flowers begin to die the moment you cut them; placing them in water with those neat little nutrient packets from the florist may prolong their death, but eventually, they will whither. According to my mother, an avid gardener of over twenty years, cutting or picking flowers cuts the plants off from their natural “food” supply, nutrients and minerals they absorb from the soil in which they grow. Hence, flowers picked are flowers dead. But of course, flower-giving isn’t all that morbid; a gorgeous bouquet of roses, geraniums, peonies and other coveted florals is a beautiful sentiment, and they’re often given as a small token of appreciation, congratulations or love. Many forget, however, that flowers can actually be used as a tool for ridding your personal and living environment of “bad vibes” and can have positive effects on mood and behavior. Nevertheless, flowers eventually pass away and all you’re left with is a handful of dried petals.

An awesome alternative to the gift of flower-giving could be more simple—and far more effective—than we think. I’m talking gems, people. Straight up rocks.
Good Vibe Gift: Rocks over Flowers

Created by cool Canadian Kiera Fogg, Little Box of Rocks is a neat brand doing pretty rad things to revolutionize the way we gift good vibes. The brand offers customers a selection of pre-made boxes filled with carefully curated gem collections aimed at giving people strength, serenity, peace, courage…you get the picture. The coolest thing about LBOR is that they strive to give back to causes that matter, something any customer could feel damn good about when purchasing products from a responsible brand.

The premise behind LBOR is simple: choose a box of gems and crystals tailored to provide good vibes—and maybe a few other benefits. Each box comes equipped with the selection of gems you choose, in addition to a letter, a secret message and a keepsake blurb, all wrapped up in a perfect little wooden box for safe keeping. You can gift a box to a loved one and add a message to it for a personalized touch, but overall, the experience of opening up your own little box of rocks is pretty awesome.

I recently purchased two boxes from LBOR: one for myself and another for a friend in need of some good vibes. Both boxes arrived wrapped beautifully, with a wonderful selection of gems and other goodies I can’t wait to use to clear my space of any negativity. Quite apt for the recent weather I’ve been experiencing in my own city, I chose the Rainstorm box for myself, with the purpose of easing stress and letting go of the little things. For my friend, I ordered the Warrior box, which I kept wrapped to give as a gift. I snapped a few photos of the Rainstorm box to offer a preview of what you can expect if you order your own little box of rocks.

For some, the concept of gifting a box of rocks as opposed to a bouquet of flowers may seem a little “out there.” As my brother would say, it’s a little too “voodoo,” despite the fact that it’s the farthest thing from it. Many people I talk to about the use and benefit of incorporating crystals, rocks, and gems into one’s life tend to think it’s a bunch of new-age mumbo-jumbo. For many others, however, rocks possess healing capabilities that extend far beyond what we may consider a fad meant for healers and hippies. Whether you’re even remotely interested in the natural powers of rocks and crystals, or have a loved one who already incorporates them into their everyday life, Little Box of Rocks offers people the opportunity to learn more about, and gain experience with, using gems and passing them along as gifts of good vibes.

Little Box of Rocks Rainstorm CollectionThe upside to a gift like this is that it lives forever, and each individual can utilize their collection of rocks as they like. They may also encourage you to learn more about different rocks and how they can be added to your home or daily life. Little Box of Rocks has a blog with neat tips and advice if you’re curious about crystals or want to get rolling on your own rock collection.

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