Hawaii From the Sky: Oahu Island Helicopter Tour

I won’t take too much credit for these gorgeous photographs. When you’re on a helicopter with a good DSLR and it’s a perfect day in Hawaii, how can you mess up?

A couple of weeks ago, I went on my first helicopter ride to take a tour of Oahu island. I took the open-door helicopter option for better aerial photos—no windows getting in my way. The nausea was worth it for these views:

Hawaii From the Sky: Oahu Island Helicopter Tour

Considering how windy it was up there, we weren’t allowed to take anything on the helicopter except our cameras strapped to our necks. The pilot communicated with us through our headsets and we could ask questions if we wanted. He pointed out filming locations for movies like Jurassic Park, The Hunger Games and 50 First Dates, and gave us interesting tidbits about the island. My favourite is the fact that north of the island, they’re keeping it country, meaning no resorts for tourism. Hawaii is also the nation’s leader in using solar power. See the aerial shots of rooftops—they get a tax break for installing solar panels. They certainly have the sunshine for it.

Even though I was too queasy to eat after the ride, this 45-minute tour was an adrenaline rush and one of the highlights of my vacation.

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