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One-on-One Intuitive Healing Sessions

As some of you may know, I discovered ThetaHealing two years ago. I emerged from my first private session so amazed I wondered why more people didn’t know about this. Why walk around with all that baggage of fear, trauma, physical pain, and limiting beliefs when they can be healed instantly?

Since then, I’ve been certified in 9 ThetaHealing Practioner Courses and reached the Advanced Practitioner level in The Top People Technique. I believe in these techniques and they have helped me so much in every area of my life that I want others to experience the same level of freedom, joy, and clarity.

After using these techniques to help friends and family heal from various issues, I’m now available to take on a few clients per week by Skype/phone. My intuitive healing sessions will use a combination of ThetaHealing and Top People as I feel fit for your issues.¬†My ten years of studying Kabbalah, an ancient spiritual wisdom dating back over three thousand years, will also help you get to the root of your issue and resolve it even quicker.

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What is ThetaHealing?

I’ve written extensively about how ThetaHealing works and¬†my initial experience as a client in¬†this post. I highly recommend reading it before you book a session with me.

If you’re curious about my process in training to become a ThetaHealer, check out¬†this post.


What is The Top People Technique?

Top People is a new healing technique channeled by Abril Abundes, an advanced ThetaHealer from Mexico. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in her first wave of classes for English speakers. This technique is complementary to ThetaHealing and also heals with divine light. She also has techniques that change beliefs fast‚ÄĒyes, even faster than ThetaHealing. It also¬†allows us to go even deeper in healing.

What You Can Expect from a Session

If you’ve ever wondered why you have certain limiting patterns, beliefs, fears, physical pains, or emotional trauma, it may not just be from this lifetime. They can also be from past lives or passed down from ancestors through the genetic line.

Imagine your soul as a ball of pure white light. Now imagine all that fear, trauma, pain, etc. as dark veils covering that light. My job as an intuitive healer is to peel away those layers until your light shines bright again.

To make the most out of your session, you will need to be comfortable sharing personal stories with me.¬†Everything you tell me is confidential, and I’m not here to judge.¬†The goal is to uncover and heal the root cause of your issue so they don’t return.

Following a code of ethics, I will always ask you for permission before every healing and belief change.

You have to want to heal. This may sound obvious, but some people don’t want to be healed because their current problem benefits them in a way they are not conscious of. Sometimes uncovering buried issues may be emotionally overwhelming, but I will¬†do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the session.

I am able to guide and provide intuitive healing on these topics and more:

♥ Releasing toxic and destructive life patterns and limiting beliefs, and replacing them with positive beliefs that align you to your highest and best self.

♥ Healing physical pain and emotional trauma.

♥ Healing conscious and subconscious fears.

♥ Releasing hatred, anger, and resentment for others or the self.

♥ Unresolved childhood issues, issues with parents, childhood trauma.

♥ Healing heartbreak and unblocking barriers to receiving love.

♥ Developing a healthy relationship with money and work.

♥ Achieve confidence, self-love, and a healthy body image.

♥ Unblocking barriers to manifesting what you desire.

♥ Releasing self-doubt and fear of success.

♥ + Anything else that is holding you back from moving forward in life.

20-Minute Complimentary First Session

For new clients, please book a 20-minute complimentary Skype session with me first so we can get to know each other and see if we would be a good fit. You can ask me any questions and let me know what issue(s) you would like to work on.

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1-Hour Intuitive Healing Sessions

From there, you can book a private appointment here. Please note your Skype details. I will reach out to confirm the session by email.

All sessions are in EST (Eastern Standard Time). The rate per hour session is $105 CAD through e-transfer, or $85 USD via PayPal if you’re outside Canada.

If you’re in Toronto, let me know. A session in person may be possible. Otherwise, a Skype/phone session is just as effective.

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