Helsinki Street Style

Liisa from Hel-looks describes Finnish style as “practical, functional, and down-to-earth, largely because of the weather. We love layering. The winter is long, dark, cold, and at least damp if not snowy. Young people love second hand, vintage and recycling. Loose lines and flats more than high heels and body hugging clothes. They love the ’90s, and the ’80s too.”

Here are some of my favourite looks from Helsinki:
Helsinki Street StyleMilla: “I’ve finally found colours that suit me. I’m a person of comfortable clothes. I rather have fun with my clothes than think too much whether I look neat and tidy enough.”

Helsinki Street StyleVictoria: “I like to design my own clothes and I often modify clothes to make them fit my body better. Strong personality and femininity inspire my style.”

20140429_02Ossi: “My polo neck and shirt are by Raf Simons, jacket vintage Helmut Lang, trousers Laitinen and shoes Prada. The best thing at the moment: SSAW #5.”

20150613_02Joanna: “I’m wearing second hand with Vagabond shoes. At the moment I want my outfits to be comfortable because I’ve hurt my knee. I like layered looks and interesting details. I mix colors and materials without much thinking. At the moment I’m inspired by old ladies living in Kallio neighborhood, Inka culture, indigenous people’s craftmanship and Japan with it’s cherry blossoms and tea ceremonies.”

20150613_05Antti: “I’m wearing a ‘Winona Ryder meets romantic goth poet’ outfit because I’m currently interested in ’90s aesthetics, Winona Ryder’s 90s movies and Hedi Slimane’s photo diary.”

20140308_01Heini-Maria: “I’m wearing a vintage fake fur coat, a Zara jacket, Weekday nylon shoes and an old bag which origin I don’t remember. I like fur (fake or vintage), Prada, Marques’Almeida, the ’90s and ripped jeans.”

20140510_03Otto: “A mix of American preppy and classic English style always works. I like quality tweed and English shoe brands like Tricker’s and Church. They last so long that they are not expensive after all.”

20140404_02Meri: “I like colours and prints and I often mix old and new.”

Fiona: “I’m inspired by the ’30s and the ’40s mixed with the ’80s and the ’90s. And shaping one’s identity with clothes and masks. All my clothes are vintage and second hand.”

20140522_04Ama: “I’m wearing gloves by Ensæmble, a second hand nightshirt and shoes from Monki. I love colours. I would like to wear more short pleated skirts with high heels but not in a too feminine way. Or loose shirts and loose trousers with high-heeled shoes.”

20140123_01Jaakko: “My father gave me the hat. The brand is Alex. The coat is Styled by Yorn and it’s 90% cashmere. The trousers are JEKS Viihde slacks.”

20140522_03Sini-Pilvi: “I’m wearing a self-made jacket and shirt. Aalto university graduation show inspires me.”

20140328_01Tim: “I’m wearing a jacket and a knit from Weekday, trousers from H&M, socks from Cos and shoes from eBay. Street ninjas and classic style inspire me.”

20150520_04Heidi: “I’m wearing a dress by Joyrich, Minna Parikka shoes and a bag by Lulu Guiness. I’m inspired by the fun and flux side of fashion; I dress to amuse myself and others.”

20150521_05Mikko: “I’m wearing a Weekday coat, a Selected Homme polo knit, a bag by Onar Studios, Acne Studios pants and McQ sandals. Lately my style hass becoming more simple and classic. Instead of craziness I’m intrigued by an idea that not all clothes need to be revolutionary. I’d rather invest in good materials and play with textures.”

20130821_01Sandra: “The knit and the skirt are Phillip Lim, the sandals from Italy and the bag is Fendi. Internet and art inspire me. I love autumn and I can’t wait to wear my coats and boots.”

20130908_02Jari: “I found my style via I like to wear vintage and army surplus clothes, because they are durable, stylish and comfortable to wear.”

20150519_05Marika: “I’m wearing a second hand cardigan from UFF, a Navajo styled jacket from Etsy, a scarf from H&M, and black leather shoes from the Salvation Army flea market. The training pants and the flannel shirt I bought from a vintage market in Amsterdam. Colours, music, dance, and people inspire my style.”

Q&A with Liisa Jokinen from Hel-Looks

Q: What do you look for when you go out and shoot?
A: Anything that surprises me. Outifts and combinations that I haven’t seen before.
Style, not necessarily fashion.

Q:  What is the process like when you shoot?
A: I try to carry the camera with me wherever I go, because you never know when you are
going to spot someone special. Then I just approach the person, compliment her
style, and ask for a photo.

Q: Now that you’ve relocated to San Francisco for the time being, how does Helsinki style compare with San Francisco style?
A: San Francisco is much more colourful: people wear lots of bright colors and it also
shows that there are people coming from all over the world. In this sense Helsinki
is much more homogenous. San Francisco is not a very fashionable city like New York,
Paris or Milan is, but you can still spot interesting styles here.

Q: What are your favourite shops and hotspots in Helsinki?
A: In the summer: Cafe Siili, any of the islands where you can take a boat (Uunisaari, Pihlajasaari, Lonna). Anytime during the year: Culture SaunaLokal GallerySamuji Stores,

For more inspirational Helsinki street style, visit Hel Looks. Also check out SF Looks.


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