Home Decor: Colourful Art Prints for Your Gallery Wall

My gallery wall is a bit spare at the moment. So far, most the art I own is black and white, probably because I’m hesitant to take chances with colour and afraid the prints I commit to will clash. To motivate myself and get this gallery going, I curated a bunch of cool, colourful art prints. Now, it’s just a matter of buying and framing some of them.

Zest by Florent Bodart / Speakerine (I own this one)

1960’s Style Mountain Collage by Justine Henderson

Pink Eruption by Filip Hodas (this would look really good as a giant, standalone statement piece on one wall)

Shyness by Davide Bonazzi

greenhouse with plants by anyuka

Pink Foam by Gal Design

Cali Vibe by Nicole Moore

Greece Bliss by Helo Birdie

OK by Anna Dorfman

Tokyo storefront #08 by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Sisters Room by Yuliya

Rue by Patricia Vargas

Distant Peaks by SpaceFrogDesigns

SKIBAKKEN by Swen Swensøn



All the prints are from Society6. This is not a sponsored post; I’ve ordered from them before, and I like their selection. Sometimes I cruise the art on Etsy, but they have so much stuff it’s overwhelming. I also know Tappan—I like this print the best, but again, it’s black and white! I need colour in my life.

If you recommend other places to get cool art and photography prints, let me know in the comments below!





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