How I Stay Healthy—Mind, Body, and Soul

I’ve been meaning to write about my health and fitness routine for a while now, but I thought I’d also go into how I keep the mind and soul healthy since everything is connected.


For the most part, I keep my mind nourished with books. I’ve been a big reader from an early age, and there’s nothing better than an unputdownable book. At the end of the year, I’ll do a roundup of all the books I read, as I did for 2018. I suspect I read more fiction this year. Last year I read more nonfiction. If any of you have book recommendations, let me know in the comments.

Reading can make you smarter, but can it also make you richer? Ask Warren Buffett. He spends 80% of his time reading and thinking.

If you’re an auditory learner, listen to podcasts. Personally, I rarely do because if I have to listen to something, I choose music every time.

I’m a perpetual student, although I feel done with getting degrees from universities for now. Currently, I have a subscription to MasterClass that I use to watch lessons on creative writing from famous authors, but you can learn from the best of the best in different fields, everything from poker to cooking.

I’m also continuing to take ThetaHealing and Top People courses, especially now that I am a part-time Intuitive Healer. Next spring, I will likely take a local class on writing sitcoms because I want a creative outlet for my comedy. By the way, having a good sense of humour has many benefits, cognitive and otherwise, so hone your joke skills.

My interests are quite varied, but you don’t have to study a million things too. (Actually, I had to cull some things from my schedule so I can focus on a few things.) The point is to stay curious and continue learning to keep your mind healthy and agile. Then you won’t feel guilty about watching trash TV when you want to relax.

Yes, I love reality TV. People are often surprised to hear I like watching the Kardashians and such. There’s nothing wrong with some mindless entertainment to cool down an overworked mind. I can’t be an intellectual (ha!) all the time.

One thing I want to get back to is language learning. I haven’t been motivated because I haven’t been traveling as much, but I’m slowly working on my Italian tree on Duolingo.


I started taking my fitness journey more seriously over three years ago. I worked with a personal trainer so I would actually know what to do at the gym without injuring myself. After a while, I found weight training boring, so now I go to group workout classes—ballet, rowing, yoga, and I throw in some hip hop dance classes and boxing to change it up at times. To be consistent, it’s important to find workouts you actually enjoy.

I don’t have major fitness goals. I work out to maintain my health, get stronger, improve my posture, and increase my energy levels. To do this, I work out a minimum of three times a week. Five is max because I tend to feel drained when I over exercise. I listen to my body and take breaks when needed. This year, I gained muscle in the back and booty, so now a good portion of my nonstretchy clothes don’t fit. Goodbye vintage Levis.

As for my meals, I always strive to eat whole foods, mainly fresh fruits, vegetables, and hormone-free meat. Since the summer, I’ve been following the Medical Medium way of eating and avoiding these foods. Avoiding gluten has been tough! But I’m getting used to it.

Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, started the celery juice craze. I drink celery juice almost every morning. He also taught me not to have fruit fear. The right kind of sugar is actually very good for us. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and now I know it’s not something I have to curb. I just need to eat more fruit, and when I do, I have no desire for the artificial taste of processed sugar.

Eating this way has forced me to cook more at home. I’m not the greatest cook, nor do I enjoy cooking, but I do like taking control of my health. I invested in a Vitamix, which I use to make smoothies, nut butters, almond milk, salad dressing, and to blend homemade soups.

I also bought an Instant Pot recently, which makes cooking a lot faster. Fresh soup takes less than ten minutes, and I’ve even learned how to make a healthy version of Pad Thai so I can stop buying takeout.

As for other physical upkeeps, I visit my chiropractor once a month. I get a massage every couple of months, although ideally, I want to do it every week. Of course, I make sure to get plenty of sleep.


If we spend even a fraction of time on spirituality as we do on our looks, we would all be so much happier. You can read posts about what I practice under my spirituality section.

My spiritual journey started ten years ago at The Kabbalah Centre. I got a part-time job helping a visionally-challenged Kabbalah teacher with office work, and that was how I started learning. My former boss now lives in Israel, but I still have a Kabbalah teacher at The Kabbalah Centre who keeps me on my spiritual track. Update: you can read about my spiritual journey here.

The teacher-student relationship is a special one because it’s so pure. Once every three weeks, I sit down with my Kabbalah teacher for an hour. We talk about life and he shares spiritual wisdom with me. I always leave with more clarity.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m now a part-time intuitive healer. I still do a lot of healing on myself so I can become a better channel for others. Every morning, I sit down and balance myself in divine energy. I also send unconditional love to people who I know need healing. When I get triggered by people or challenging situations, I either work on myself or have another healer work on me.

I’ve learned that if I simply listen to my intuition, I can’t go wrong in life. (I’ll likely write a post on how to tap into your intuition in a future post. Update: Here’s the post.) My focus right now is to surrender and let myself be completely guided by the creator. This helps me relinquish control energy and let life flow. It’s not about what my ego wants; it’s about what my soul wants. If I just listen, I’ll know where my next step is even if I don’t know where it’ll lead.

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