I Wear Scrunchies Now

A lot has changed since the pandemic began: I wear scrunchies now.

I eschewed scrunchies even as a kid, deeming them tacky. When they came back a few years ago, I was still not on board with the retro trend.

Recently, I started seeing scrunchies in silk, satin, leather, and floral fabrics. I had to admit when they were made with decent fabrics, they looked kind of nice. And modern. Was the scrunchie now… chic?? Or was I merely brainwashed by the cool girls on IG?

I couldn’t deny the practicality of a scrunchie, how much gentler they were on the hair. I was starting to come around.

When I saw the oversized scrunchies, I was finally sold. They were kitsch, they were fun, and best of all, they kept my hair styled with no effort at all—the ultimate quarantine hair.

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So far, I’ve stuck with ones in satin fabric because they look the most grown up and sophisticated (I try really hard not to look like a kid). Velvet and organza are nice as well.

I bought my scrunchies from local sellers on Etsy.

The regular-sizes ones are from Toronto-based madebykem, made from deadstock fabric.

The jumbo scrunchies are from Hamilton-based Banana Facility.

I recommend just doing a search on Etsy for “scrunchie” along with whatever fabric or size you’re looking for to find local sellers who make them.

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