FAQ – Intuitive Healing Sessions with Me

Hi! As some of you may know, I am an intuitive healer certified in ThetaHealing® and The Top People Technique®. Since this is not my day job, I only take on a few clients a week. While I offer complimentary 15-minute meet-and-greets on Skype to answer any questions, I’ve made this FAQ for you to go over at your own pace. I want to make sure any prospective clients’ expectations align with what I do.

There are many different healers and many different types of healing. I want to first clarify what an intuitive healing session with me is not:

It’s not a relaxing thing to try out for fun. I think some people see the word “healing” and think of things such as Reiki, sound baths, and meditation. While these are all great activities to do, I don’t want clients coming into a session thinking it’s going to be Zen. We will be doing deep emotional work, and for some people, it may be uncomfortable to uncover and discuss upsetting events or feelings. The process is like cleaning a house. The “fun” is not in the process (unless you enjoy cleaning), but in having a clean house to enjoy after the work is done. If you want to relax, may I suggest a massage instead?

It’s not therapy. While we will be conversing, I keep the talking to a minimum because we will not be focusing on the story but rather the feeling, and getting to the root of those feelings. The goal is to pinpoint the root cause of the issues so we can energetically heal them.

It’s not hypnosis. You will be fully conscious and interacting with me. In fact, you might be standing and moving around to muscle test. Sometimes, I might ask you to close your eyes and imagine certain scenarios, but you’ll always be in control of yourself.

It’s not a psychic reading. While part of being a healer means I’m trained to basically be psychic (which we all have the ability to be), I prefer not to focus exclusively on psychic readings. The future is always changing. By the time our session is over, the client’s future might already be different, especially if they’ve resolved issues and can now attract new, better experiences. I’m not going to tell a client what job they should take or who they should marry. Sometimes, if a client wants to know, say, what kind of career they should pursue, I can do a reading and give them several options, emphasizing they have complete free will to choose any or none of the options. What I focus on in these sessions is to untangle and resolve deep-rooted issues so the client has the clarity to make their own choices.

Why do you prefer The Top People Technique?

The Top People Technique® and ThetaHealing® are complementary techniques. Both are great and very effective. ThetaHealing has a process called digging, where the healer asks the client a series of questions with the goal of getting to the root issue. Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, released a book on the digging process recently, so you can read it to learn more. Once you heal the root cause, all the issues above it (related to it) will be resolved too.

In Top People, I’m trained to simply uncover the root cause right away. I prefer this method because I’m someone who likes to get to the point. Many of my clients prefer it too because they won’t have to go through the journey of discussing and healing all the beliefs between the surface-level belief (the one the clients come to me with) and its root belief. Sometimes I’ll still use the digging technique when it’s necessary, but not very often.

For others, especially those who are new to healing and have never done any therapy or emotional work, learning the root cause immediately can be jarring. Also, the root cause may sound unrelated to the surface level issue, which can be discombobulating. For example, someone may come to me wanting to manifest a successful career, but a major blockage could be a long-forgotten childhood experience. With Theta’s digging process, at least you can understand step by step how the healer got to the root issue. Ultimately, the goal is to get to the root, and it’s a matter of how the client wants to get there.

I also like Top People because they have tools for deeper healings, such as resolving pending negative karma, non-permissions, and vows made in the Akashic Records. I will be writing an in-dept blog post about my experience with the technique soon. I have used Top People to self-heal so much that I uncovered some new tools that deal with healing trauma in the body memory (as opposed to the subconscious). With the guidance of my Top People mentors, we will be teaching this class to Top People’s master level healers once the manual is finished. The tools I’ve uncovered so far I’m already using with my current clients for more thorough healings.

Since there are so many ThetaHealers already, I prefer focusing on Top People because I’m one of the few Top People healers in Canada right now. It can be more intense, but what I do is for people who want advanced healings. These sessions will be faster and go deeper. If it sounds like ThetaHealing is more for you, you can search for a ThetaHealer near you using their database. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

Not much. The most important thing is to be open. You can write a list of beliefs or issues that you would like to work on, but you don’t have to. Sometimes people come to me with no list, and I’ll simply do a reading to see what’s imperative for them to work on first.

It would be helpful to know how to muscle test since that’s something clients will be doing to confirm certain beliefs for themselves.The Emotion Code book has a chapter devoted to that, or you can find Youtube tutorials. For a person testing on their own, I recommend the sway test. If you don’t learn how to muscle test beforehand, I can show you how in a session.

What happens during a session?

For someone’s very first session, I start off with a general cleansing. This is actually something I do on myself every morning. I’ll align chakras, make sure your electromagnetic field is clean, hormones are balanced, and check if there are any negative entities/energies in or around you. If the client is well balanced, it only takes five to ten minutes. If the client has more things to balance and clean, it’ll take longer. This is worth taking the time to make sure the client is starting off with a healthy and balanced foundation.

Next, the client may tell me what issues they want to work on. We’ll get into the Top People balance, where we are in Creator’s energy. I’ll ask permission to do a reading for the client to uncover the root of the problem, and it takes me a couple of minutes to tap in and see what kind of images and messages I get. Sometimes the visions make sense, and I’ll have a bunch of statements for the client to muscle test right away. Other times, I might ask the client what certain images might mean. What I see in the readings are clues, and we’ll spend the rest of the session solving the mystery and healing what needs to be healed. Everything I do, I’ll ask for permission before doing.

How many sessions do I need?

It’s different for everyone. One client may come to me with a long list of issues to tackle, and we’ll be able to resolve them all in a single session. Another client may come with only one issue, and we’ll barely scratch the surface by the end of the first session.

While I’m a claircognizant empath and info about others will simply come to me at times, I don’t like going into anyone’s energy without their permission first; I’ll only be able to see the root belief once I get permission to do the reading. The discoveries will be news to me just as much as to the client. Nothing has ever shocked me, but it might be shocking for the client. Not always though, but I want potential clients to be prepared if the truth turn out to be intense. (If the client is not comfortable talking about the issue, they can ask me to change the topic or we can even end the session.) Near the end of the first session, I can usually get a scope of how much more work is needed, if any.

Can I buy a package of your sessions?

Some healers offer packages at a discount but I prefer not to mainly because I want the client to choose to do the sessions. If a client does one session and realizes it’s too intense for them, I will definitely not force them to continue, even if I see they have more issues to resolve.

Why are your sessions 45 minutes?

Since the tools I use are very effective and can shift a lot of energy in a short amount of time, 45 minutes is plenty. I don’t like to go longer, especially for new clients, because I don’t want to overwhelm them. I also recommend waiting at least one week between sessions so your energy and new beliefs have time to settle.

Do you hold sessions in person?

Before COVID, I used to meet clients at 360 Healing Centre, a wellness clinic in downtown Toronto where I’m pictured in the photo above. Now I only hold sessions online, which I prefer because I have all my manuals nearby to reference if needed. In case you’re wondering, a session by Skype is just as good as an in-person meeting since we’re working with energy.

If I get certified to teach Top People, I might hold in-person classes in Toronto if there is demand.

If you have come this far and are still very much interested in working with me or learning more, head on to my booking page. 



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