Manifesting vs. Surrendering—Take Action or Let the Universe Lead the Way?

I’m sure many of you have heard of using the law of attraction to manifest your heart’s desires. The Secret, Creative Visualization, Think and Grow Rich, and other popular books teach us that in order to get what we want, we need to use visualization, say affirmations, think positively, and never ever doubt your dreams will come true.

But what if you’re faithful in doing this daily practice and still fail to manifest?

There’s another school of thought to simply surrender your desires to the creator, what spiritual author Tosha Silver calls “Offering.” Ask for the Universe’s guidance, let go, and look for bread crumbs to follow. If you don’t get an answer, keep asking until you do.

But what if you do this too and still don’t get what you want?

Manifesting vs. Surrendering 

Manifesting can go wrong if we’re pushing too hard to make the ego‘s wishes come true instead of what’s really for our soul’s highest good. Obsession and control energy, expecting things to happen in an unrealistic timeline, and depending on the wish being granted to be happy can actually set us back.

By surrendering, we let go, but many people may interpret this as being passive, which is not what Tosha Silver teaches. Instead, she says, Offering is when “the right actions begin to flow through you, rather than by you. You are given courage to take steps that would have scared you to death.”

If you’re a little more advanced in the manifestation game, you already know that you must balance both manifesting and surrendering for the best results. It may sound like a paradox, but they can work together. Read how I do this in my “How I Manifest” section below.

What Can Prevent You from Manifesting

Divine Timing — You might want something to happen now, but life is easier when you fall in harmony with the Divine Timing of this planet. I was planning on hosting a ThetaHealing workshop in my home in April (next month). The instructor and I both used the Theta method to manifest this, but now we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic with people in quarantine! So obviously the universe has other plans.

Not Meant for You — Sometimes you can be so set on achieving a goal, but what if there is something better out there for you? Perhaps the universe is doing you a favor by saying “no” or “not right now.” You might think you’re taking the long route when you’re actually getting a shortcut. Looking back, if I actually got some of the things I wanted when I was younger, it would’ve distracted me from my real purpose, wasting maybe years of my time.

Take Action — Yes, you still need to take action to make your dreams happen. A friend recently wanted to start a new business, but since she was manifesting/offering, she figured the clients would come to her. If they don’t, this career just wasn’t meant to be, right? No. You still need to take action and get yourself out there. The difference is that when you’re guided by the creator, you’ll be taking inspired action. This is why strengthening your intuition is beneficial.

Too Attached — If you ever think <this thing> is going to be your ticket to eternal happiness, you’re likely setting yourself up for disappointment. Another paradox here, but you must be happy and grateful in the present moment with what you have to attract what you want. Get in the daily practice of giving gratitude for all the good in your life, big and small.

Accountability — If you want to manifest a million dollars but are currently running away from paying your bills, you’re showing the universe that you’re not responsible enough to handle a lot of money. Be accountable so that you can be trusted as a positive vessel for more good things.

Lack of Generosity — When you do get a little money, do you hold onto it tightly out of fear or do you use it for good? You don’t need to give away everything you earn, but keep in mind that sharing attracts more abundance. This is not limited to money. Even sharing good energy, wishing other people well (instead of being jealous and coveting what they have), and being kind can go a long way. Be generous with yourself too. For example, are you using the money you manifested to buy nutritious food or do you stuff yourself with cheap junk?

Karma — I don’t mean to scare you, but pending negative karma can block the manifestation. One of my spiritual teachers told me a story about someone who’s usually very good at manifesting. He wanted his own car, but he couldn’t attract it into his life. Through a healing session, he learned he had pending negative karma with driving. If he owned a car, he would’ve gotten hurt in an accident. Once he removed that negative karma with his healer, the car came into his life shortly after. The lesson here is that you’re not a failure if you don’t manifest. Perhaps you’re not getting it to keep you safe. The creator loves you.

Your Current Situation Benefits You — Sometimes a seemingly negative person or situation can teach you valuable things. Perhaps you hate your current job because it is grueling, but it helps you develop a strong work ethic in preparation for your dream career. Whatever it is, once you realize the lesson, you can stop obligating these people or situations to continue to teach you. Once you’re free to move on, you’ll have the space to create more positive circumstances.

How I Manifest

As an intuitive healer, I use a combination of ThetaHealing and The Top People Technique to manifest. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll explain it using the Theta way.

After knowing exactly what I want to manifest, I go into the Theta state, which connects us to the creator’s energy. I use a command to manifest my goal in the highest and best way. I end it by visualizing and feeling what’s like to already have this in my life. We only need to do this process once and let go, unless we want to change something.

According to ThetaHealing creator Vianna Stibal, manifesting via the spoken word is effective 30-40% of the time, visualizing is effective 50% of the time, and the Theta wave manifesting is effective 80-90% of the time.

I make sure I remove as many blockages as I can before the manifestation. Sometimes, in the middle of the manifestation process, I may feel uneasy about attaining the goal, which means there are definitely blockages. (And sometimes I realize I don’t want this goal after all!)

Blockages may surface after I manifest, and when they do, I release them. I use Top People to remove deeper blockages such as pending negative karma. If I don’t manifest my goal after six months, I know that I either have more blockages or more to learn before I’m ready for it.

Sometimes, I’ll use Offering instead. I tend to lean more to Offering when I’m not completely clear on exactly what I want. For example, I’m about to train for another career (yes, another one), and I don’t know if I want to pursue it with full force yet, so I’ve surrendered that desire to get better guidance on the steps to take. (Update Aug: I realized I don’t want to pursue this career after all, so I’ve let it go.)

I’ll also use Offering when I’m getting too attached to the outcome. In the summer, I had a really frustrating time hiring someone for a project. As soon as I let go by asking creator to take the reins, I got a text from a friend who recommended someone who exceeded my expectations.

To learn more about Offering and some effective prayers, I highly recommend Tosha Silver’s books. A good one to start with is Outrageous Openness.

So I have used either or both manifesting and surrendering with success. Vision boards, affirmations, and visualization certainly do help. I’ve also heard various other methods, such as writing your affirmation in red ink twenty times every day. Find a combination that you enjoy doing. Or just surrender, if that’s what your intuition tells you to do. I recommend keeping your manifestation list to yourself to protect it from other people’s energies (opinions, jealousies, doubts, etc).

In Conclusion

Use both techniques by manifesting once and letting go. If you want to boost your manifesting with visualizations, mantras, etc., that can help as long as you’re tapped into that positive energy while doing so.

What you don’t want to do is to chase after what you want to manifest. That would be like digging out the seed to see if it’s growing before it even gets the chance to grow. Let the universe do its thing.

It’s important to be in touch with your intuition to understand why you want to manifest this and if there are doubts or fears in the way so you can remove anything in the way.

If after two to six months, nothing is happening, perhaps there are more blockages to release so you can rise to the vibration of what you want to manifest.

I have learned from personal experience with manifesting that if:

  • what I want is for my highest good
  • I’m in gratitute
  • I’m in a positive vibration, the vibration equal to what I want to manifest
  • there are no blockages in the way
  • I feel worthy and receptive to it
  • and I’m in my divine timing

I will receive it.

Leave a comment below if you have questions about manifesting.
If you want to work with me to remove blockages and manifest using a combination of ThetaHealing and Top People, visit my intuitive healing page.


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