How I Self-Heal as an Intuitive Healer

Every morning after breakfast, I like to start my day with some self-healing work. As an intuitive healer certified in ThetaHealing and The Top People Technique, this doesn’t take me very long. Being trained in these energy healing techniques is required to do this, but I thought those curious would find it interesting to learn what I do to heal myself. I mainly use The Top People Technique because I find it more efficient.


The first thing I do is balance myself using a Top People method so I am in the energy of the creator. Then I immediately start muscle testing, a way of testing the subconscious without letting the ego get in the way. When I’m muscle testing on myself, I find the¬†Body Sway Technique¬†to be the most reliable. Update: I now use a pendulum to muscle test most of the time.

I ask whether my electromagnetic field is clean, my chakras aligned, unblocked, and healed, and a few other things. I also go through a list of hormones, such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin, etc., to check if they are in balance. (Balancing my hormones every day has been really beneficial for me. After a couple of months of doing this, I no longer have PMS cramps.)¬†Lately, I’ve also been checking whether my immune system and PH levels are balanced.

If I get a “no” to any of these questions, I instantly heal/balance them on the spot, which takes a second. Then I muscle test again to confirm that the healing has taken effect.

Update: I also check whether there are any negative energy/entities around me, and some other things that might take too long to explain to beginners.

This is part of my morning ritual to start my day right. It’s something I do for clients at the beginning of the sessions so they can have a good clean slate before delving into deeper healings.

Body Scan

While balancing myself only takes a couple of minutes, if I want to find and work on emotional issues, I do it during the mornings when I have more time.

To do this, I close my eyes and ask to see the energy in my body. I slowly scan from the top of my head down to my feet. I currently see energy in black and white. Anything that looks like black shadows call to my attention. As healers, we’re trained to know the concerns connected to each part of the body. I can also ask for insight on what I’m seeing if it’s not in one of my manuals.

Even though the idea of scanning the body energetically sounds as if I’m working on physical pain, most of the time, the root of the issue is emotional. When there is physical pain to be healed, it is often there to draw my attention to the main issue.

When I see dark parts in a certain area of the body, I intuitively know what is the cause of it (again, this is something I’ve trained to do), whether it’s from this life, a past life, or passed down from ancestors. I write down the information that comes to me and verify that I have these issues with muscle testing. It’s helpful for me to write the beliefs down, especially if a lot of them are coming in, so that I can make sure each one gets healed and I don’t overlook anything.

To start the healing process, the first thing I do is remove any shock, pain, and trauma from an issue. If the trauma is lodged in an area of the body, I make sure it’s released from there as well. Then I ask the light to fill it/me with healing energy and unconditional love.

To release this negative belief or issue, one method that usually works for me is to extract what I learned from it. How did this situation, no matter how terrible, benefit me? When I pinpoint the positives that I gained, that I have learned all the lessons I needed from this, I can go on to stop obligating this negative situation or person from continuing teaching me. To reinforce that I have these positive lessons, I download them into me with a command or with a technique called IPS.

Once I feel I’ve done all I can, I muscle test again for all the beliefs I’ve listed to confirm they have been healed. I’ll scan my body again to see if I the issue has been resolved. If I find something else to work on, I’ll repeat the process.

Once in a while, I’ll come across a really deep issue or a stubborn negative belief that I can’t heal by myself. In this case, I would work with my healer or swap sessions with a healer friend. Another healer can help me see my blind spots and provide new perspectives, which I find invaluable.

Healing work on emotional issues can sound heavy, but I personally enjoy it because I feel so light after I release them. I can usually find something to work on in the mornings when I do the body scan because I am very open to healing myself and letting go of baggage. If issues are making themselves known, it means it’s time to release them.

Another thing I like to do in the mornings is send unconditional love and healing energy for anyone in my life who needs it or those suffering in distaster zones. I also feel energized when I list all the things I’m grateful for.

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