My 3-Piece Zero Waste Travel Kit + 5 Ways I Use My Mason Jar On The Go

When I traveled with Florine from The Wasted Blog in Portugal this summer, she showed me her zero waste travel kit, which only consists of a Ball wide mouth mason jar and a handkerchief. She inspired me to put together my own simple zero waste kit for traveling or when I’m out and about. I added a bamboo spork because I’m a hungry baby and I eat a lot.

Just tie the handkerchief around the mason jar (put the spork in the jar if it’s empty) and you’re good to go.

The handkerchief is surprisingly versatile. I saw Florine use it to wrap and buy some peaches from a corner store for a quick snack. On travels, it’s handy when there are no tissues to be found, like the time my sister’s eyes started stinging and tearing up from allergies on Toronto Island, and luckily, I had my kit. If anything, the bandana is a style accessory.

I mostly use the leak-proof Ball mason jar for drinks on the go, but it’s also great for storing leftover food or snacks. To break it down:

5 Ways I Use My Mason Jar

1. Water bottle – I’ll start the day with the mason jar filled with drinking water. If I need to use it for something else, I simply empty the bottle.

2. Leftover Container – Instead of forcing myself to finish a meal at a restaurant or taking it to go in wasteful disposal containers, I use my jar to pack leftover food.

3. Iced Coffee – This drink usually requires a straw for mixing and sipping, but I nix the straw, close the lid tight, and shake up the drink before enjoying.

4. Snack container – Hardboiled eggs, anyone? I’ll take it to go for a quick breakfast or snack, although it kind of stinks of fart. I’m sure you can think of less foul-smelling snacks to put in here.

5. Smoothies or other drinks – In Lisbon, Florine got 10% off her smoothie by using her own jar (see her Lisbon travel guide). More and more places are offering discounts to customers who bring their own cups. If I buy a hot drink to go, I’ll use the handkerchief as a sleeve. If I know I’m going to be drinking coffee or tea for sure when I’m out, I’ll bring my reusable coffee cup instead.

3-Piece Zero Waste Travel Kit

Organic Bamboo Spork 

Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Red Bandana – I got mine from Mama Loves You Vintage in Toronto.


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