My Favourite YouTubers

Even though I’ve limited my time on social media, one app I don’t want to delete off my phone is YouTube. Sometimes I just want to watch short YouTube videos to unwind instead of movies or TV shows. These are the channels I recommend:

Kurtis Conner — A comedian from Toronto, Kurtis keeps me abreast of the latest Internet epidemics such as Soft Boys, E-Boys, and cringey Instagrammers. He also grew up watching the same weird Canadian TV shows as I did, so he makes fun of them as well — remember Keys to the VIP?

School of Affluence — Anna Bey runs an online finishing school of the same name. On her YouTube channel, she gives women etique, fashion, and dating advice. I love how frank and transparent she is and the community for women she has built.

Luke Alexander — The YouTube community is fascinating, and I turn to this 19-year-old commentator for all the “tea.” Instead of feeding into the drama, he provides refreshing and balanced insight, not just on the YouTube community, but serious topics such as romanticising mental illness in the media.

Tiffany Ferg — Again, I’m pretty fascinated by Internet culture, so I really enjoy this media student’s Internet Analysis series, where she discusses topics related to social issues and media.

Two Set Violin — My funny little sister turned me onto this channel by two classical musicians. I’ve been watching their Violin Roast videos, where they dissect bad violin acting from movies and TV shows. The dub at the end of this video for how the music should actually sound like had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my eyes.

Joana Ceddia — I would’ve loved to have had someone like Joana to look up to as a preteen or teen. Not only is she hilarious and unafraid to be herself, she’s also a good student, an athlete, and an artist. Like the rest of her subscribers (2.8 million and counting), I’m entertained just watching her ramble. Did I mention she’s also from Toronto?

Simon and Martina — I’ve been watching this Canadian couple on and off for a decade now. Yes, they are also from Toronto. (I’m not biased; YouTubers from my city are simply the best.) Simon and Martina used to work as English teachers in South Korea, so they started off making videos about Korean culture and K-Pop. Now they live in Japan and continue to travel vlog.

Alexa Chung — Moving on to funny British people: I was happy to learn recently that Alexa Chung started her own YouTube channel. The ultimate It girl, I always thought she shined brightest as a TV presenter. She’s witty, outgoing, stylish, and model gorgeous—and you can’t hate her because her jokes come a mile a minute. Her Munich Travel Guide is one of my faves. I think she should do more travel vlogs.

Max Fosh — Max interviews strangers at different events around the UK, and this is British wit at its finest, at least on YouTube. I do wish I had access to British TV channels.

Jasmine Lipska — I have a theory that Jasmine is an angel in human form. Her voice is so soothing, and she seems like such a gentle soul. She has been traveling around Asia for the past year so her recent videos are travel vlogs, but I enjoy whatever content she puts out.

Downshiftology — Lisa is a true adult with her life together. That you can confirm after seeing her organized kitchen and pantry. I first came across her food channel through her helpful meal prep videos. After watching many of her videos, I finally bought a Vitamix so I can make my own almond milk and nut butters too. I like that her recipes are gluten-free because I’m on a no-gluten kick.

Our Tribe of Many — If you ever need to restore your faith in humanity, watch this channel about a biracial family with 9 kids and counting. Everyone in this family seems so lovely, and it’s interesting to learn about the logistics of running a family that big.


Who are your favourite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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