My Unpopular Opinions #1

Usually, I use this blog to praise and recommend the things I like, but I thought it would be interesting to share some of my “unpopular” opinions—my personal thoughts and beliefs that go against the mainstream. The topics are random, everything from pop culture to politics. Enjoy.

Avatar is a bad movie. It’s formulaic from beginning to end, promotes White Saviorism, and uses the Papyrus font as its logo. Can it get any worse? Guess we’ll find out with Avatar 2.

The Big Bang Theory is not a funny sitcom. Neither is How I Met Your Mother. I’ve watched a few episodes of these shows, and I did not laugh much. Maybe I’ll round up a list of shows I do find funny one of these days. (Update: I kept my word. Here you go.) If you have a good sitcom recommendation, let me know, because I’m watching a lot of Seinfeld and Office reruns these days.

Instagram is over. I’m sure Instagram’s users are still growing, plenty of people are very active on it, and I still use it sometimes, but its essence is basically dead. It used to be a fun, personal, and creative experience, but I don’t need to tell you how much that has changed over the years. Ironic how the content felt more unfiltered when people used filters. Things kind of improved when they added IG Stories, but Instagram is still heading in the way of Facebook unless they make drastic changes. A lot of people seem to be jumping over to Tik Tok for better engagement, but I can’t even think about joining another social media thingy right now because it’s too tiring.

The Goldfinch novel doesn’t live up to the hype. I was disappointed because Donna Tartt seems so cool and I loved The Secret History, which I read in only two days. The Goldfinch won the Pulitzer, so it has to be good, right? Wrong. I attempted to read this three times, and each time I couldn’t get past twenty pages. It’s overwritten and I simply don’t believe the characters can be real people, which makes it hard for me to care. Later, I just read the spoilers and the storyline also sounds too fantastical. The Secret History worked beautifully because Tartt based it on real people and her own college experiences. I guess people are into The Goldfinch because they want to be taken on an adventure. For me, thick book + overwritten prose does not always = deep, meaningful literature.

BeyoncĂ©’s music is overrated. I like BeyoncĂ© as a celebrity. If I see her on the cover of a magazine, I’ll want to read the interview, but her music doesn’t do it for me, not even the hits.

As a Torontonian, I couldn’t care less about the Raptors. Raptors fever swept the country this summer, and I stayed indifferent, although I thought it was nice that it united everyone. I did watch one of the semifinal games, and I can see why people are into it, but think about it too hard and basketball is just a bunch of overgrown men trying to put a ball through a net.

I don’t vote and have no interest in politics. I don’t put my faith in any one political leader or party, so when I don’t vote, I do so knowing that I would accept and live with the consequences of whatever the results may be. I believe we are responsible for change as a collective, positive or negative, and the current state of society is a manifestation of our consciousness. When a terrible leader is in power, it’s not always negative because it wakes people up and gets them to step up instead of passively relying on one person to take care of everything.

Justin Trudeau is not hot. He’s too cringey. That’s probably not an unpopular opinion at this point.

Gender is a thing. Gender stereotypes are annoying and I can see why people would resist it, but there’s no denying the biological fact that people are different genders. If someone wants to identify with a gender other than the one they are born into, go for it, but let the kids like what they like. Some parents want to be progressive and can’t seem to get on board when, say, their two-year-old daughter loves pink or something. My friend, who is very girly girl, has a four-year-old son who loves superheroes, toy cars, and firetrucks. She has tried to get him to play with dolls and take ballet classes, but the boy is just not having it. He wants to learn guitar, take Judo lessons, and play fight with other boys. Sometimes these desires are innate.

It’s okay to let the man be the provider. It’s great that women can now make their own money and be self-reliant, but men like to express their masculinity by giving, so it makes them happy when women can receive gracefully. I’m a fan of spiritual author David Deida‘s work, and he says only 10% of men and women can truly be happy in a 50/50 relationship because they have equal masculine and feminine energy. The rest have more masculine or feminine energy, regardless of gender. I personally know feminine women who secretly get resentful when they are the breadwinners, especially when they start having kids. Women are now expected to work full-time, cook, clean, manage the home, give birth, raise children, and pay for their own dates? It’s just not going to be 50/50, so let the man pay. Once I was advised by a man I respect that if a guy asks me to split the bill, do it, but never date him again. When the man doesn’t want to pay and give to you, it means he’s not trying to impress you and he wants your time and energy for free. If he doesn’t have a lot of money, let him take you out for pizza or something within his budget. Quality masculine men want to be gentlemen, and being a provider gives them a sense of dignity and purpose.

As a heterosexual female, I don’t believe you can be “just friends” with a heterosexual guy. Sure, you can hang out in groups or have a laidback friendship where you meet up occasionally, but if he’s someone you call, text, and hang out with one-on-one all the time, you might as well date him. If you already have an emotional connection, at least one person will develop romantic feelings. That said, I do think people can have more of a sibling relationship with members of the opposite sex, but there still needs to be boundaries. For example, if I have a guy friend who’s in a relationship, I’m going to give him space out of respect for his girlfriend.

You can eat meat and still respect animals. While the overconsumption of meat is a problem for the environment and our health, I believe that animals are here to help us and eating meat is not immoral. In many cultures, great respects are paid to the animals who sacrifice for us. The Indigenous Peoples for example have deep spiritual connections to animals. They believe the animals enter the human world to give their bodies to supply men with food, fur and other materials. After their flesh is used the animals return home, put on new flesh and re-enter the human world whenever they choose…Given this interconnected relationship between animals and humans, Indigenous Peoples were careful and respectful of the natural lifecycles of the animals they shared the Earth with – they made efforts to not over-fish, over-hunt or over-harvest. They hunted, fished and collected what was needed to sustain their families, tribes, or clans. Every part of the animal was used, and in many cultures there were accompanying celebrations and rituals of appreciation.”

The vegan diet is not healthy for everyone. I’ve lost count how many “Why I Stopped Being Vegan” confessional articles or YouTube videos I’ve come across from people who were vegans for two, five, fifteen years, but had to start adding animal products to their diets for health reasons. They seem to display great shame in “failing” to sustain a vegan diet because this act is seen as a betrayal in their vegan community. They’re told they’re not doing it right when many have gone to nutritionists and doctors and have tried countless alternative diets to avoid harming animals. If some people are thriving from eating vegan, that’s great, but it does not mean it will work for every body. If someone’s genetic makeup came from a lineage of ancestors who ate meat for thousands of years, it’s not a mystery why they might have a harder time processing plant protein. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, so we need to cut each other some slack.

That’s all the unpopular opinions I have that I can think of right now. If I collect enough for a future post, I’ll be sure to continue this series. These are obviously my personal opinions so feel free to disagree. I hope this gave you new perspectives to consider. If you want me to explore certain subjects in detail, be sure to let me know.

Update: Continue this series with My Unpopular Opinions #2: Money + Scams Edition

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