Natural Alternatives to Moroccanoil

Natural Alternatives to Moroccan Hair Oil, The Innate Co Rose Hair Elixir

Moroccanoil seems to be a popular product in hair salons. My stylist likes to smooth a bit of it on my hair after each session for moisture and shine. I used to own a bottle myself, but that was before I discovered Moroccanoil contains some pretty toxic chemicals. Its only natural ingredient is argan oil.

You might as well use pure argan oil instead, like this well-reviewed hair serum by Josie Maran. Alden from Ecocult recommends Kahina (Argan) Oil and Moringa Oil as alternatives to Moroccanoil.

Personally I’ve been using and loving Canadian brand The Innate Life’s Rose Hair Elixir for the past few months. Made with 15 potent plant oils (the first ingredient is argan oil), it has been specifically formulated for hair. It feels lightweight, never oily or greasy.

When my hair dries after washing, it gets a little frizzy. A few drops of the Elixir takes care of that, and it adds shine. Now that my hair is bleached/coloured and I’m styling it a lot more, I also use it as a moisturizing serum and heat protector. I love the subtle rose floral scent too; hair perfume can be added to its list of uses.

Since you only need 2 or 3 drops each time you use it, the smallest bottle can last a while. I’m still using my 10ml, although I have a 30ml now as a backup.

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