New Website Launching September

I’ve been experiencing ongoing technical issues with this blog in the past few months. For one, it’s way too slow. This is a bit of a Frankenstein website because I started off with a WordPress template and had tech people tweak it to my liking throughout the years. But now, every time I try to fix a minor issue, more issues pop up.

Long story short, it’s time to get this site completely rebuilt from scratch. This provides an opportunity for me to redesign it exactly the way I want it, and I’ve registered a NEW DOMAIN NAME, one that is catchier and more personal.

The old posts will remain accessible. All that’s going to change is the name and design. The old URL will redirect to the new one.

I’m really excited to share the sexy rebrand. The site is going to be so much easier to navigate too.

The new site will likely launch in September. I’m hoping August, but it looks like it’ll be September. Until then, I am taking a blogging break to work on the design with my team. See you on the flip side! 🙂


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