Pom Pom Wicker Slippers for House Guests

Pom Pom Wicker Slippers for House Guests
Do you remove your shoes and change into slippers as soon as you enter your home? I do. I’m Asian, but this is not some ancient Chinese custom. It’s common sense for us. In some homes, people leave their outside shoes on… Why? Don’t you track dirt and mud into your house, especially when you have carpets?
If you ever visit me, I’ve got you covered. I just bought some cute pom pom slippers from Folk Fortune in different sizes for my house guests. I don’t know why I have a thing for pom poms. They’re just so dang adorable.

Hand made in Vancouver, the slippers are biodegradable and sustainable. Michaela from Folk Fortune informs me that she is working on making the slippers fair trade. Her wicker baskets are, and her slippers are 75% there. Her producers use fair labour and environmental practices.

The colours I chose are Rose Quartz, Charcoal Grey, Blue and Lush Meadow. If you’re between sizes, I’d recommend going up in size.

UPDATE: After wearing a pair continuously for almost two weeks around the house, I don’t recommend these slippers to everyday use. They’re handwoven, so delicate and not durable. The straw was starting to break off. I think these are still fine for house guests. I’ll just switch back to cotton slippers around the house.

Do you wear slippers at home? Let me know in the comments below.



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