Ethical Outfit: A Raincoat That Doesn’t Look Like a Raincoat

It’s been raining so much in Toronto this spring that the Islands are flooded. While my Burberry trenchcoat is water resistant and can be worn out in light rain, it’s not waterproof. Now I have a legit 100% waterproof raincoat—but it doesn’t look like a raincoat.

A pink, bird print bomber with a detachable hood is not something I’d ever imagined as a raincoat. It’s a piece I stumbled upon while shopping in The 9 Streets in Amsterdam.

Rain Couture is a Dutch line of breathable, waterproof coats and jackets. I chatted with the designer in the shop, and she informed me that the coats are made with fair labour in Hong Kong, where she visits herself twice a year. Most of the pieces are in classic silhouettes and styles, but, of course, I had to buy the most eccentric design from the PIOGG line.

I’ve been looking for a nice bomber jacket for some time, mainly to wear on my walk to the gym, but I was hesitant about getting one of the ubiquitous aviator jackets I always see. The pink waterproof print bomber is perfect for me. Not only is it unique, it’s highly functional. The hood is detachable, so I can also wear it as a regular bomber. When the forecast calls for a chance of rain, I don’t need to bring an umbrella. And when it doesn’t end up raining, I’m not walking around in a drab raincoat.

Also wearing a striped dress from Amour Vert, made in the USA with sustainable fabric; Swedish Stockings Conscious Pantyhose, made from recycled materials in a zero-waste factory; and black “LaLa” boots from La Canadienne, made ethically in Italy.


T-SHIRT DRESS — AMOUR VERT (see it with other outfits)


BOOTS — LA CANADIENNE ‘LALA’ BOOTS (see it with other outfits)

Photos by Tiantian Zou

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