Tata Harper’s Love Potion Perfume Review

Tata Harper's Love Potion Perfume Review

I have to admit that some synthetic perfumes smell amazing. I have two signature scents that I always get plenty of compliments on, but it’s time to let them go. Synthetic perfumes often contain hormone-disrupting phthalates, which contribute to health problems including hormonal acne, obesity and reproductive defects. Perfume companies don’t need to list their ingredients due to trade secret laws, so we can’t even check what we’re spraying on our skin.

Making the switch to a natural perfume is a no-brainer. Since I’m already a big fan of Tata Harper’s skincare products, the first one I’m reviewing is Love Potion, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The story behind why Love Potion was created is very sweet, and the notion of using scents that came from flowers rather than the lab is much more romantic. Love Potion is a 100% natural aromatic blend of ten of the world’s most potent aphrodisiac essential oils:

  • Davana promotes positive energy
  • Jasmine awakens sexuality, reduces anxious energy
  • Orange Peel supports attractive, alluring energy
  • Ylang Ylang boosts inner confidence, reduces nervousness
  • Sandalwood stimulates the senses and boosts arousal
  • Violet Leaf promotes inner peace and positivity
  • Rose boosts arousal and affection
  • Frankincense awakens sexuality, reduces anxious energy
  • Grapefruit boosts confidence, energizes mind and body
  • Cedarwood Atlas combats negativity, inspires feelings of affection


While it also comes in a smaller 5ml roll-on bottle, I bought the 10ml bottle because it comes with an atomizer and a little guide book. The book is cute because it gives you tips on how to open the heart and attract more opportunities for love, and where to apply the perfume for daily use or during intimate moments.

I’m sold on the idea behind the perfume—which is to inspire an inner sense of beauty and confidence, thus attracting more love around you—but how does the perfume smell?

If you already like the scent of Tata Harper’s skincare line, I recommend checking out this perfume. Most people I surveyed found it pleasant. One friend did think it’s the kind of smell that freshens up a home rather than a person. I can see why some people would think that since it does have that earthy scent with some floral and a hint of citrus. If you don’t have access to try Love Potion in stores, you can get a sample through their online store. Love Potion lasts around 2-3 hours, but you can try spraying it on your clothes to make it last longer.

Personally I prefer scents that are darker and sexier. This isn’t it—it’s earthy, bright, and fresh. I’ll continue to wear it until I find the perfect new signature scent. Until then, I’ll bask in the mood-boosting powers of the essential oils and let my “inner magnetism glow.”

What’s your favourite natural perfume? Let me know in the comments below!

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