Tata Harper Detox Defense Cleansing Set Review

Tata Harper Detox Defense Cleansing Set Review

Continuing on with my obsession with all things Tata Harper, I tried the Detox Defense Cleansing Set. The four-piece regimen is good for city dwellers, helping us fight off the havoc on our skin caused by pollution and smog.

I like Tata Harper’s gift sets because they’re a great way to try her luxury skincare products without investing in full-sized bottles. In this case, three out of four products were new to me. I started using this set on my last trip to New York, the perfect place to try these products. The small bottles were also handy for travel.

This is a 4-step system.

1. Remove Makeup. The Nourishing Oil Cleanser can be applied directly to dry skin. You can do it with a cotton pad, put I pump the oil onto one palm and use it to remove eye makeup. I tend to skip this step if I’m not wearing much makeup.

2. Deeply Cleanse. The Purifying Cleanser can also be applied to dry skin, apparently. I prefer to use it with some water to massage my skin, and then take everything off with a wet face cloth.

3. Purge Pollution. Apply a layer of the Purifying Mask, leave for 10-20 minutes. Use every day for 2-3 days, then reduce to 1-2 times a week to purify skin.

4. Environmental Defense. Apply the Replenishing Nutrient Complex to entire face, then gently massage into skin.

All the products worked well. I especially liked the Purifying Mask, which was clay based and was not drying. The product I have the least use for is the Nourishing Oil Cleanser. If you’re into the double cleansing thing, go for it, but since I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I’d rather use one cleanser, then follow with a toner to take care of anything remaining.

Another thing to note is that while the Purifying Cleanser is mild and cleaned well as promised, it has a smell that not everyone will like. It’s a little on the gingery side, which turns me off, so I’d prefer other mild cleansers that smells more pleasant to me. Tata Harper products are being sold in more and more department stores now, so you might be able to test it out in person.

As for the Replenishing Nutrient Complex, this is an oil that I’ve used before and still love. The bigger sizes comes in a rollerball or a drop bottle. I prefer the rollerball because it feels so soothing when you put it on.

The Detox Defense Cleansing Set was an interesting kit to try. I’m going to keep the Purifying Mask in mind for future purchases. The Replenishing Nutrient Complex is already a staple of mine.

What are you favourite Tata Harper products? Let me know in the comments below.

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