New Society6 Shop With Prints of My Travel Photos

A mockup of my photography framed.

My friend and I were chatting about getting our gallery walls together, and I thought about printing some of the photos I’ve taken during my travels and framing them. That sparked the idea of making my photography available on Society6, an online site I often use to buy art prints.

I’ve had only good experiences with Society6 as a customer, and I even curated art prints I liked from other artists on the site in this old post. Most recently, I bought a large print of “Sea Bliss” by Ingrid Beddoes to hang in my bedroom.

Check out my new Society6 shop here for prints, framed photos, and my photography on various products. I only put up my best work, photos I would like to hang up myself.

I’m still looking through my files to find more work to make available on my store, so check back for more.

Photo of frames from Pixabay

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