Vintage is Way Better Than Fast Fashion

I went to this amazing little vintage shop in the west end of Toronto once, and now I’m afraid to go back. Stella Luna‘s inventory is lovingly curated, and most items are below $40. I suppose it’s not unlike the fast fashion experience, where you emerge with things you didn’t know you needed until you see them, and because they’re affordable. The advantage of shopping at a killer vintage store, however, is that the items are of much higher quality and one of a kind. Going secondhand is also best for the environment and dodges the whole sweatshop mess of fast fashion.

Both the wool skirt and cashmere sweater are from Stella Luna, at $30 a pop. And you thought my $100 Everlane Cashmere Crew was affordable. The lavender cashmere sweater is by Investments. I’m not familiar with this brand, but the design looks contemporary.

I looked at my skirt collection in my closet, and 4 out of 6 are vintage/secondhand. I don’t like skirts that are too short, which is why I’m into old-school designs. This black and white checkered number is 100% wool and made in France. It’s by French label Electre, which I believe was around in the ’90s. This design does give me a Fran Drescher/Cher from Clueless ’90s vibe.

Just realized my leather bag from ethical luxury label Maiyet is also secondhand, from Ebay. The boots you’ve seen a million times is from La Canadienne.


BAG — MAIYET MINI PEYTON TOTE – (see it with other outfits)

BOOTS — LA CANADIENNE ‘LALA’ BOOTS (see them with other outfits)

Photos by Amina Touray

What did you buy at your local vintage/secondhand shop lately? Let me know in the comments.



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